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How to be original when you’ve got nothing original to say…

Do you recognize this story?

A small boy is adopted by a mean older couple. He discovers he has magical powers and his destiny is to fight an evil man.

Sounds like Harry Potter, right? 

Nope, it’s a Swedish children’s book, called, “Mio, my boy,” written 43 years earlier. 

Now, see if you recognize this story:

A prince’s uncle kills his father with the intent to seize the throne. It’s a story about the prince and his revenge. 

Sounds like The Lion King, right? 

Nope, it’s Hamlet, written around 400 years earlier.

Do you recognize this story?

A group of youngsters are forced to fight to the death by a nasty government. 

The Hunger Games, obviously, right? 

Nope, “Battle Royale,” a Japanese movie, filmed 12 years earlier.

Ok. I’ve got one more for you. You must know this one…

A parent decides to sell drugs to support their family but they become increasingly drawn into criminal activity, as time goes by.

Breaking Bad — clearly! 

Nope, “Weeds” which was released 3 years earlier. 

Stop worrying about being original

You don’t actually need something original to say. 

You just need to say something your own original way.

And you do need to stimulate your clients’ thinking. 

By the way, those examples above—they are not my own. This entire article was inspired by an article I saw on Reddit. 

You don’t always need to be original. 

You always need to be provocative. 

Love. Rich



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