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Join Me For Outrageous October! (It’s free and it will change your life…)

15 years ago, I designed a game called Outrageous October. Until now I’ve only played it with my private clients. And I am about to invite you to play with me – at no cost…

It’s based on a single idea:

Everything you want in life is kept out by your inability to make bold proposals or outrageous requests. 

First, let me take you back in time…

“What’s your name?” I asked the beautiful woman in front of me. 

Her hair was jet black and her eyes were deep pools I was ready to drown in. My eyes were drawn to the tiny diamond nestled at the base of her throat, her long black dress was off the pages of Vogue, and she had legs I would have fought—and died—over. 

I was in my early 20s but I could feel the attraction in every cell of my body. My heart was racing and my tongue was sticking to the roof of my mouth. But as terrified as I was, I knew enough to ask her name. 

She looked back at me and smiled. 

My heart exploded. 

Could she really be talking to me?

What the hell did she say? All I’d heard over the thumping nightclub bass was, “Mxfwny.”

“Pardon?” I replied.  


Oh my God. The most beautiful woman I’d ever met was speaking to me and I hadn’t got a clue what she just said. 

I pretended I heard her and I asked, “Is this your first time here?”


Thank you, Lord. I had no idea of her name but I heard that reply. 

And then I froze. 

In that split second, my mind emptied of any semblance of normal human social interaction. 

I was aware of a cold trickle of sweat dripping down my back. My mouth hung open as I gathered my thoughts. And then a guy in a ripped t-shirt strolled over. 

“Hey!” he said to the goddess in front of me.  

One word. 

And it was all over. 

As if in slow motion, she turned away from me. And suddenly she was laughing and giggling. The guy caught my eyes for a second but he seemed to look right through me. 

And, I turned away with a sense of sadness and resignation. 

You see, this moment was very familiar to me. 

For most of my life I had held back, I didn’t ask for what I wanted, I barely let myself dream of what I desired. 

Can you relate?

Boldness can be learned 

As the years went by I read books, I went to trainings, I sought out the best coaches, and I learned and I studied. 

I built my confidence slowly – from the inside out.  

Eventually, almost 20 years ago, I was a support coach on trainings that helped men build their confidence with women. 

During the day we’d teach them and in the evening we’d take them to bars to meet women. They put their learnings into practice. 

As you can tell from my story above, I’ve never liked meeting women in bars. But I didn’t want to be a coach who couldn’t walk his talk, so I began to practice talking to women I didn’t know. And, over time, I began to relax. Over time, I built my muscle in talking to strangers. 

One night, we took the guys out and I was bored. I decided to challenge myself. What was the most outrageous request I could make?

I decided to ask for a threesome!

I was relaxed about asking because I was having fun. I KNEW I’d only get a no as the response. 

I was unattached to the outcome because I KNEW the chance of anyone saying yes was zero. 

Here’s what’s crazy… Two women wanted to come home with me that night!

Here’s what’s funny… I was so shocked – and scared – that I ran away!

But the lesson of that night I never forgot. 

I’d spent years afraid to ask a woman for a phone number. And the very first time I ask for a threesome, two women want to come home with me immediately!

What are YOU keeping out of your life by not making bold proposals or outrageous requests? 

I met Monique a few months later. We were at a workshop about sensuality and intimacy. Ten days after I met her, I made another outrageous request. 

I asked her to marry me. 

She said yes. 

We’ve been married for 17 years.

In the years since, I’ve asked clients for millions of dollars. And I’ve helped coaches, entrepreneurs, and leaders of non-profits ask for millions of dollars. 

Between us we’ve received millions of dollars of NOs. But – as a result – we’ve also been paid millions of dollars. 

Outrageous October

In a few days, I’m going to play Outrageous October with my private clients. And YOU are invited…

Join me for a live Zoom call at the beginning of October, and another at the end of October. Plus, we’ll share insights and experiences during the month in my private Facebook group.

CALL 1: October 3 (11am Pacific)
CALL 2: October 31 (1pm Pacific) 

[Calls are recorded if you can’t make them live]. 

Want to make a $100,000 proposal? Don’t wait. Want to ask your partner to marry you? Don’t wait. Want to ask your boss for a raise? Don’t wait. Want to ask for a million dollar donation for your charity? Don’t wait. 

I can’t promise you’ll get a yes. In fact, you’ll probably get a no. At least the first time you ask. Don’t let that stop you. 

This is Outrageous October. 

Lean into your edge. 

Get uncomfortable. 

Life’s too short. 

Stop holding back. 

There’s no charge to play. Click here to register and I’ll see you on the first call. 

Love. Rich 

It’s time to ask for what you really, really want. As Maya Angelou once said, “Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.” 

See you on the first call



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