The Thinking Partnership

Personal coaching with Rich Litvin.
Only two spots available.

It’s time for a Thinking Partner

Several of my clients have PhDs. One coaches billionaires. One runs an aerospace company. My clients have built and sold multi-million dollar businesses. Two were Presidential candidates. Two were Olympic athletes. Many are ultra-high net worth individuals.

My clients have had extraordinary success as CEOs, SVPs, entrepreneurs, startup founders, celebrities and business owners. They have written best-selling books, run banks and built private equity firms.

I’ve coached special forces operatives from the UK, the United States and Canada. One of my clients is a coach with ten $130K clients. One of my clients raised over half a billion dollars as a fundraiser for nonprofits.

When they need help, I am the one they call…

Do you want to navigate uncertain times? Grow your business? Write a book? Create new copy for your site? Write a blog? Build an extraordinary team?

Do you want to work less? Save more? Handle the high quality problems that success can bring? Do you want to massively increase your creative output? Take your coaching to the next level? Develop a body of work? Create a unique niche in a crowded market? Build your audience? Create word-of-mouth referrals?

Then this accelerated approach is for you.

"The greatest investment you’ll ever make is a commitment to your next level of success." ~ Rich Litvin

How we work together

Your Investment

Every time my career has taken a massive jump, it has been in partnership with a coach, teacher or mentor.

Until now, the only way to have my personalized 1:1 support was in a year-long coaching engagement, as my Protégé – at $100K. Until now…

Your investment is $47K for 5 months of support. You may reserve a space with your payment to start at a designated time in the future, since this is limited participation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not a coaching agreement. This is a Thinking Partnership, to turbo-charge your project, idea, business or your life.

Please note: we have a no refund policy because we love people who play full out. If you’re in, you’re fully in. It’s called Commitment. Or, as Rich puts it: You’re a Hell Yes. Or you’re a Hell No. Nothing in between.

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