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Season 16 – Episode 1

Listen in to an episode of Master Your Mind With Marisa that I was interviewed on…

In this episode, Marisa connects with Rich Litvin, a thought leader in the coaching world and co-author of the highly acclaimed book The Prosperous Coach. Rich leads a community of almost 20,000 coaches and consultants, and has helped train some of the most exclusive coaches on the planet. Listen in as Marisa and Rich discuss his own experience and thoughts on coaching and leadership.

The episode covers:

  • The importance of being coached when you are a coach
  • The insight coaching method and how it works to achieve that “aha” moment
  • How challenging moments can lead to your greatest achievements
  • The difference between courage and confidence
  • The future of coaching and how coaching could benefit schools
  • The difference between therapy and coaching

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Love. Rich

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