In this episode, Rich and Amrit talk about coaching, the direction of coaching in terms of the industry and how to become coachable.

They dive deep into insight coaching and how just one powerful question can expand new possibilities in your life and business and change everything, and how important it is to have a mission that is so powerful that nothing can stop you.

Rich loves coaching live and Amrit has personally benefited from Rich’s wisdom and guidance. There are many insights that have served him that will serve you too.

Rich is a thought leader in the coaching world, leads a community of almost 20,000 coaches and consultants, and he has helped train some of the most exclusive coaches on the planet. He is the founder of 4PC, a community of the top 4% of coaches and leaders and a best selling author.

Slowing down and being present allow you to be more creative, think deeply and connect intimately. Being present in conversations and listening to what other people have to say, allows Rich to see the world that they live in. Then he can ask questions that will crack open the world they live in for an insight shift and a new possibility. This new possibility is a choice they may use or not. If so, it will have a ripple effect in every single aspect of their life and business.

The enemy of a new possibility is the status quo. It doesn’t want you to change and holds you back from your zone of genius. You have to find ways for yourself to show up with your gift, dream big and have a mission that nothing can stop you.

Leaders must become lazier and lazier, that means do one thing today that makes the biggest difference. Status quo also affects leaders. It keeps them from being their authentic selves; they want to be visible but don’t want to be seen. Leadership is not about that, it is about being human and then being real about it. If people feel you they will trust you.

Coaching mastery is a longlife journey. Rich believes conventional success keeps your bills paid, but exponential success is where you are willing to put at risk your current success for future success. This means doing things you have never done before and working on yourself constantly.

Personal growth is linked to business in all industries including coaching. If you grow, your business does too. Personal growth is key in your personal and business relationships, how likely you are to get promoted and the difference you can make in the world.

To improve relationships, find great people you can learn from and surround yourself with people from every age group. Diversity is key. Surrounding yourself with people from different backgrounds and ways of thinking will expand your perspective.

People who are open to new possibilities are coachable. And you can’t be a great coach unless you are coachable; you have to be open to doing the work yourself.

Love. Rich