Building a coaching business or a community is like pushing a car. At first, the inertia makes it a really slow process, but eventually, the momentum will kick in. That’s right where my guest, Richard, is sitting with his business.

Richard is a consultant and a coach who has worked in tech for 20 years. He works with fast-moving business leaders who love complexity. Richard questions where he is supposed to find interesting people that he will love to work with.

In this replay episode from an earlier season of this 1 Insight podcast, you’ll be right there with us as I inform Richard of the truth – that he can go find the communities that they hang out in or he can create those communities himself!

Now – several years after this episode was originally recorded, Richard is about to begin year 2 of his membership in 4PC – the community I created for the exact reasons we talk about during the podcast.


Love. Rich