Kacey worked for a decade as a professional opera singer and actor, on stages across the globe. She is now a high level executive coach, with clients at Google, at top TV networks and on Broadway.

Briony was a lawyer, living a big city life who appeared to have it all but on the inside she felt empty. She left it all to go on a journey of personal growth before setting up a coaching business to support high achievers – and those on their way.

In the first part of today’s episode we take an inside look at a number of the secrets of extraordinary top performers. In particluar, “I have everything I ever wanted but I still feel empty…” and “I am acknowledged for all my successes but on the inside I feel lazy…”

In the second part of today’s episode we talk about the fear that comes up when building a Word of Mouth business. Especially when we get online and we hear all the noise about how you’re ‘supposed’ to build an online business and funnnels and lists, etc!

I share my own insight how my secret business plan for many years has been just 3 words…