Prior to becoming a coach, Kyle was a high flying executive who worked 80 hour weeks. Prior to becoming a coach, Aaron’s career was focused on social justice. And to becoming a coach, Alex produced events that generated millions in revenue in the trade show field.

Today was an interesting conversation because the power in my entire neighborhood went out before I was able to wrap the episode! So, Kyle, Aaron, Alex and I jumped on a second call a whole week later.

By the end of these two conversations: I helped Alex identify his dream client; I helped Kyle start to dream about a mission so big that he could make a massive impact on the world; and I helped Aaron let go of being so serious and fear driven.

We thought we’d finished recording, when Kyle shared that after our first call, he’d doubled his rates. And – a little to his surprise – he’d kept getting yes’es! So, I gave him a secondary challenge, to double them again!!