You’re about to watch or listen to me coaching Scott and Kate. Kate has an extraordinary track record of success behind her. She is known by and trusted by several world leaders. And she is in her head about how she can get them as coaching clients, so I snap her out of it. And I tell her 2 things:

One, your need to have fear and doubt is a sign you are working with the caliber of people you need to work with. And two, it’s a sign that you’re in your head.

Scott has a background in the corporate world and a track record of success. I have to snap him out of one thing in particular, referring to himself as a new coach, and I slow him down to the power of a single conversation which will change everything for him.

I’ll see both of them at the intensive that’s coming up. And if you’re interested, come and join us, too, because it’s where we get to do the energetic work around creating clients that you can’t always capture in the nuance of a recording or a piece of writing. I’ll see you soon.

Love. Rich