Today I coached Catherine. Catherine is a member of 4PC, she is a top performer, she is an estate attorney by background, and she has a business that makes millions. She is really making an impact on people’s lives, helping them create an amazing future for themselves and their children.

She has had a taste of coaching and loves it! But she is sucked into those things that drain her of energy in her business. So, I teach her a tool that I call “Hell yes. Hell No. Maybe.”

It will transform her business, it will transform her leadership team, and it will transform the life of all of them as they get more and more away from the “hell nos” and more and more into the “hell yeses” for their life and their business.

I tell her a story too about another tool called “the avoid at all costs list,” which is a game changer. She has this insight that has her say “wow,” and then we are there.