I really enjoyed this episode. I’m coaching Eric, a member of Project Kairos.

Project Kairos is my community of high-level leaders, executives and entrepreneurs who want to do one thing and one thing alone: build a success and thriving coaching practice one conversation at a time.

Eric read The Prosperous Coach and really flew before he even began working with me. He now has 10 $100K clients which most coaches on the planet would aspire to have.

Except, sometimes success hurts. He is paying the price for the way he has created his business. He has all sorts of unique challenges because of the way he set his business up.

He wants my help to make $2M next year because he made $1M this year.

But I don’t play that way.

Instead of helping people solve the problems they have, I want to give him a bigger problem to live into. I want to give him a bigger challenge so I give him a $20M challenge. He leaves full of inspiration and full of energy and excitement for what’s coming next.

I slow him down with the idea that a goal is a place to come from, not a place to get to.