Oh, this was a fun episode and we went long and we went deep.

I’m coaching Shelley Paxton. Shelley is a member of 4PC, my community for extraordinary leaders. And, she is the former Chief Marketing Officer for Harley Davidson, one of the most iconic brands on the planet.

Our gift in the world we can do for others, but we can’t do for ourselves. So, I work with Shelley on a number of things.

Her book is going to be published in January by Simon and Schuster. She is wondering how she crafts the funnel for her business.

But here’s the thing, funnels, I don’t like that word. It’s too boring for me and Shelley is a rebel. She has written a book about being a rebel. We have to create a program that feels like a rebel for her. I start by putting a thousand dollar cheeseburger on her menu and then we play from there.

If you are crafting out a business and want to know what to put out as opportunities for people to work with you then this is really fun. Enjoy!