For 21 years, Robert McPhee has been a trusted advisor to high level leaders, CEOs, Directors and Board members. His company is called Excellent Decisions.

He was Director Of Training for Jack Canfield Companies for almost 5 years. And he is a Founder/Founding Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders.

Robert invited me on his podcast and I said yes. But when we started the conversation, I switched things up on him… I said “Robert, I can do a good interview but my Zone of Genius is coaching high-level, successful leaders – like you. I am gifted in supporting the kind of people who don’t need support. I see things most leaders can’t see – and I am willing to say the things most people aren’t willing to say. Let me coach you, live on your podcast…”

I know Robert is a gifted coach and leader because he only hesitated for a moment before he said yes…