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Season 6 – Episode 1

Almost 10 years ago, one of my coaches shared with me a tool that has changed my life. I call it a Manifesto. It’s the tool I use to “create” myself every day.

I’ve been working on this for almost 10 years. I read to myself – sometimes out loud – almost every morning. I’ve shared with almost no one other than a handful of clients, over the years. And at my recent intensive, I took a risk and shared it out loud. And in this episode I am going to share my Manifesto with you…



The theme of this new podcast season is “A Created World.”

Most people live in a “Reported On World” – life happens to me… things are challenging… my wife is mean… my boss doesn’t like me…

A few, rare people live in a “Created World.” Whatever happens, they are at choice how they respond to the world around them.

The Manifesto is a tool I have used to work on myself year, after year, after year, to create myself as the person I’ve become.

It’s a never ending process because the person I am today is someone who’s growing into the person I’ll be tomorrow.

You’ll hear me get very moved at the end of this episode because I don’t normally share this with anyone else.

So, enjoy this season, as I coach people around how they create themselves for what’s coming next in their world and in their life.

Love. Rich

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