A client of mine runs a multi-million-dollar business.

She’s respected by everyone in her field, yet she once said to me, “I could do this with my eyes closed.

I want something more.”

And then she went on, “I’m not lonely, but I’m very alone.

There’s no one else I dare share this with but you.”

One challenge of being a high performer is that you can be surrounded by people whose only mission is to say “yes” to you, who want to make you feel good, or say what they think you need to hear.

As a coach, one of the gifts you can give extraordinary high performers is to create the safety for them to really speak their truth.

In return, to have the kind of coach who is willing to hide nothing and hold nothing back, is a very unique experience for extraordinarily high performers.

The team at WBECS invited me to give a presentation about coaching high performers.

Well, I don’t ‘teach’ and I don’t do ‘presentations’, I told them.

But I do coach.

We’re in. They said.

So that’s what I did.

I coached.

And I drew out some powerful distinctions from an extraordinary high-performing woman.

Here we are…

Love. Rich