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Power, Voice, Desire

I’ve been surrounded by powerful women for most of my life. Many of my clients are powerful women. And I’m married to Monique – one of the most powerful women I’ve ever met. 

I proposed to her ten days after I met her. She’s pretty magnetic!

Last weekend Monique and I took a flight to San Francisco, where we first met. We spent hours walking around the city. We were reflecting on the first 15 years of our marriage and beginning to consciously create what the next 15 might look like. 

Here’s what Monique just wrote about our relationship:

This past weekend Rich and I took three days to recognize, acknowledge and celebrate our 15 years of marriage. Neither of us knew in 2006 that us meeting at an intimacy workshop would shift the course of our lives! We were engaged after ten days. Yes. You read that right. Ten. Days. 

This weekend was filled with long walks throughout the city, laughter, hard conversations, a Bollywood dance class in Golden Gate park, belly dancers and phenomenal Middle Eastern percussion, gummies, dancing, lingerie, World Cup soccer matches, drinks on the side of the road with live music, walking the labyrinth in Grace Cathedral, sitting in to sing a few tunes at a beautiful restaurant with an amazing African American woman sommelier. It was a wonderful three days. 

Fifteen years is a powerful amount of time. You know someone really well. Their strengths and their weaknesses. And they know yours. You’re more willing to be honest about who you are and what you want as life keeps moving ahead. We’ve touched a lot of marital milestones – creating a home, birthing and raising children, supporting each other through parents aging and transitioning, holding each other up through career growth and challenges. 

We’ve done a lot. I am proud of what we’ve accomplished and am so grateful we are mature enough and love each other enough to consciously plan our next chapter. 

I love you Rich Litvin. Thank you for the ride.

In a few days, Monique is getting together with two other incredible women to create a very special event, here in Los Angeles…

Power, Voice, Desire: A Daylong Retreat for Women

  • Do you struggle to express your true thoughts and feelings to others, or even admit them to yourself?
  • Does fear of what others think stop you from doing what you really want?
  • Is doubt suffocating and shrinking your authentic creative expression?

Join Monique, Justine and Angela. They are master coaches and trainers who have been on the ride for years. They have each done deep transformational work, from the inside out. And they are ready to walk with you to freedom…

Join a community of inspired women for an igniting and powerful workshop to begin – or deepen – your journey. It’s time that you:

  • Know and express what you really want
  • Speak your truth with a liberated voice
  • Activate and trust your intuition as a guide
  • Experience your own embodied power.

As part of a group of inspired women, you will move individually and collectively from stuckness to liberation. You’ll experience voice work, creative practices, meditation and group coaching – with desire as your guide.

You’ll break through old limitations. You’ll leave with fresh perspectives, new connections and practical skills to embolden your daily life.

Date: Saturday, December 10

Time: 10am-4pm

Venue: Santa Monica, CA

Tuition: $295

Limited to 12 participants

Justine Dawson is a teacher and guide of intimacy and awakening. A 23 year practitioner of Insight Meditation, she is senior faculty at Insight LA, and maintains a private practice working with individuals and couples ready for more intimacy, insight and aliveness in their lives and relationships.

Monique DeBose helps women choose MORE for themselves through music, inspiration and keeping it real. For the past 20 years, she has been on a mission to help women integrate all the parts of themselves, turning their fears and insecurities into strength and expression. A truth-teller, creative, transformational entertainer and award-winning jazz singer and playwright, everything Monique does includes a splash of humor. 

Angela Richardson is a Writer, Spiritual Counselor, Coach and Founder of Satiate, whose mission is to create sanctuary for deep healing, the awakening of desire, and creative expression. Through her individual and group programs she creates transformational experiences that support her clients in living embodied and deeply satiated lives.

Reserve your spot. 

Love. Rich 


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