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A Personal Story and A Powerful Lesson for 2024

In Thursday’s newsletter I wrote, “Life is extraordinary. At times, it’s pure miracle and full of joy, and at times, it’s full of grief and tragedy…”

Little did I know that that very evening Monique would have to rush our son to hospital for an emergency operation.

I stayed home with our other son, and Monique and I were texting each other until 3am, with fear in our hearts and tears in our eyes.

Fortunately the surgery was successful (I’m keeping the details private) and after a night in hospital, he was finally back home recovering, watching soccer on his iPad.

When challenging moments like this happen, I usually stay strong. I look for the bright side. I seek the positive. I search for a solution. It’s how I cope. It’s how I get through. 

There’s no space for emotion, or I won’t be able to endure, or do what’s necessary. 

But this morning, when I woke up, alone in our bed, my face was wet with tears. It’s so hard to see your child in pain. And I let myself feel all the emotion I would usually stuff down deep inside. 

Letting tears flow, even in private, lets you be strong in scary and stressful moments, when you really need to handle things. 

This year I have been immersed in somatic work – spiritual direction, somatic coaching, equine therapy, tantric coaching, and even plant medicine. It has been transformative. It’s taught me to embrace the wisdom of my body and soul at a deep level.

This week, I guided my private clients through an exercise designed for navigating a volatile year ahead. Little did I know how soon I’d need these lessons myself. 

I invite you to join me on next week’s Community Coaching Call, where we’ll explore this same exercise together. It’s an opportunity to prepare for the hopeful highs and potential lows of 2024. Secure your spot now. There’s no charge. And for those who can’t attend live, a recording will be available.

Love. Rich


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