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Are you showing up with Predator energy, Prey energy, or Peer energy with your clients?

There are 3 ways that coaches show up in the presence of potential clients – as predators, as prey, and as peers. But only one of them works to enroll high-performing high fee clients… 

Predator energy

I once went on a walk through a game reserve in Botswana. The ranger who led us told us very clearly that if we happened to walk into the eyesight of a lion the one thing we must never do is to turn our backs and run.

The moment you run from a predator, you become prey in their mind. They will chase you. And you will die. 

[Tip: I am not an animal expert, please do not use what follows as advice for when you are next in the presence of a lion!]

In the presence of a predator, you must retreat slowly while facing them. You should act aggressively and maintain eye contact if possible. When you embody being a predator, you are not displaying prey energy and they are less likely to attack. 

Most coaches unconsciously show up in the presence of a potential client with predator energy. They try to mask it but you can’t hide the signals your body is constantly giving off. 

Predator energy in the context of creating clients signals “I need you more than you need me…” Or, even worse, “I NEED you…”

And needy is creepy. 

Prey energy

I once took 4PC to Equus in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where my friend, Kelly Wendorf, runs an innovative self-mastery and leadership training institute, based on the wisdom of horses. 

Horses are prey animals, so they are highly sensitive to emotions and the messages behind them. You cannot pretend to be confident around a horse. You cannot pretend to be a leader around a horse. 

Horses read the hidden cues that your body gives off. Horses reflect who you are – and how you show up – in the moment. They have no interest in your goals, dreams, fears or failures. They are present with you in this moment. 

Many coaches unconsciously show up in the presence of successful, wealthy or highly intelligent clients with prey energy. They try to mask it but you can’t hide the signals your body is constantly giving off. 

Prey energy signals “I am in awe of you. You are more impressive than me.” It signals Imposter Syndrome, in the unhealthiest of ways. Prey energy is deeply unattractive. 

Peer energy

Peer energy signals to a client, “I see you. I am here to serve you if I can. But you don’t ‘need’ me and I definitely don’t need you…”

Peer energy is deeply attractive. 

I googled antonyms for the word needy. There aren’t many because for most of recorded history humans lived in scarcity. 

Interestingly, one word that is the opposite of needy is prosperous. Makes sense, because The Prosperous Coach Approach is based on the foundation of building your professional self esteem. If you want to enroll high-performing clients you need to have the confidence – deep in your bones – that you can coach talented, driven leaders, once you’ve enrolled them. 

That’s peer energy.  

You need to cultivate it.

Love. Rich


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