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Problem Solution Transformation

Most coaches (and most entrepreneurs) don’t know the answer to a really simple question…

‪I just listened to an interview with Summer Felix-Mulder, the Founder of The Draw Shop. She teaches how to answer a question that I’ve been fascinated about for years: 

What business are you really in?

‪I first learned this idea from the founder of an elite escort agency who wrote a book that ‬was on the curriculum at Harvard Business School.

Sydney Biddle Barrows was known as the Mayflower Madam. She understood that her elite clients weren’t paying for sex (they could get that for free). They were paying for an entire experience. She was in the fantasy business. 

In her interview, ‪Summer Felix-Mulder said‬ that it must be impossible to misunderstand what you do. Your clients need to know exactly what you do and how you are going to solve their biggest problems. 

Too many coaches spend far too much time talking about their 7 step process, or the 16 trainings they’ve completed, or the 11 letters after their name. But nobody cares about this…

You need, instead, to define 3 things: 

  1. The problem your clients have
  2. The solution you offer
  3. The transformation they’ll undergo

Insight is nothing without action, so after I listened to the interview, I immediately grabbed my laptop and mapped out the problem, solution and transformation I create in 3 of my own favorite programs… 


Success has a cost. It is often lonelier and more painful than you think. You can be at the top of your field and still feel like a fraud. You can have everything you’ve ever wanted and still feel empty on the inside. 

I’ve created a community of the world’s most fascinating coaches – because elite top performers love to be surrounded by people who think big but accomplish bigger…

The 4PC Accelerator

Successful coaches can feel frustrated that they’re still a “best kept secret.”

I’ve created a program that teaches coaches to stand out as leaders, in a noisy, overcrowded market.

When you’re a thought leader, your competitors want to learn from you. And when you’re the only one who does what you do, dream clients call you…


Coaching clients is the easy part. It’s far harder to create videos, articles, books, intellectual property and new and interesting coaching programs – again and again and again. 

I have a proven framework to help coaches massively increase their creativity. 

When you learn the repeatable skills to create something from nothing, you will thrive in uncertain times – and you can generate money and clients, while you sleep. 

Your turn…

Tell me the problem your clients have, the solution you offer and the transformation they’ll undergo.

Love. Rich 


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