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Prosperous Coach 2.0

I wrote The Prosperous Coach, with my friend Steve Chandler, almost 8 years ago—and it has stood the test of time. It has been in the top 20 books about coaching on Amazon ever since it was published. It’s sold over 75,000 copies and it continues to sell 1,000 copies a month. In fact, just last month, we had our highest number of sales ever. We’ve never asked for a review but it’s had over 600 on Amazon—93% are 4* and 5*. And it’s gotten 1,280 reviews on Audible—almost all are 4* and 5*.  

I don’t say any of this to brag. I’m very proud of it.

Look, whatever you do, you’ll also have people who criticize you. When the book was first published, we had a handful of positive reviews from clients and colleagues but one day I called Steve in horror to tell him we’d just received two negative reviews. He laughed and replied, “That’s great, Rich. Now we’ve really made it!”

Here are a few of my favorite negative reviews: 

  • This book is an active disservice to anyone interested in making a living coaching.
  • This book is a total 100% ripoff. I returned it. Total BS and frankly I am very upset they wasted my time buying this book.
  • I found it interesting that they choose to use larger print so their book would be bigger and thus present as more credible.

On a regular basis I get asked why the paperback is so expensive. It currently sells for around $50. And I used to be a little apologetic about that because the publisher sets the price, not me. But recently I met an incredibly successful entrepreneur who was referred to me by a mutual friend. He told me that he’d googled me before we met. And then he said, “When I saw your book was so expensive but that it also had so many great reviews, I knew that you had something valuable to teach me.”

I’ve stopped apologizing for the price of the book. 

Now, we wrote that book 8 years ago and much has changed in the world in that time. We wrote The Prosperous Coach to be a timeless book but that doesn’t mean that we can’t add new ideas and distinctions. In this short video, I share some of my very latest thinking—in what I call Prosperous Coach 2.0. 

As you watch, I invite you to listen for insight not for agreement… 

You see, most people listen for agreement. You’ll notice them either nodding when they agree with a speaker, or shaking their head, when they disagree. That way of listening won’t create any value for you. It will simply reinforce the way that you already see the world. 

When you listen for insight, instead of agreement, you scan for the single idea that can have the biggest impact. When you listen for insight, you hear something you disagree with and ask yourself, “But what if it was true?”

After you’ve watched, write to me. Tell me your single biggest insight—and how you’ll apply it. 

Love. Rich 


PS. I ran an “Ask Me Anything” session where I discussed 5 things: (1) How to enroll high performing, high fee clients. (2) How to coach highly successful people. (3) The game that will take your coaching practice to the next level. (4) The tool that will have dream clients wanting to speak with you. (5) The power of a 20 minute chat and a 90 minute coaching conversation—and the right time and the wrong time to use each of them. Click on the image below to watch the instant replay. 




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