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For the first time ever—I’m running a Prosperous Coach Masterclass

The Prosperous Coach has now sold almost 100,000 copies. Sales have actually increased over the past 8 years. It now sells around 2,000 copies a month. And I’m excited that we’ve just signed a deal for it to be distributed in Japan.

I get photos of the book sent to me all the time that look like this. Literally covered in sticky notes, highlighted and underlined. And I love it! 

But The Prosperous Coach is not meant to be a “reading book.” It is an “action book.”

And, until now, the only way to learn to apply The Prosperous Coach Approach—from me personally—is to become one of my clients, or to attend my annual Intensive.

Until now…

You see, this October—for the first time ever—I’m going to run a 6 week masterclass on how to create clients, called Master The Prosperous Coach (MPC). 

Master The Prosperous Coach (MPC) is for you if you are a YES to some or all of the questions below:

  1. Do you get drained and overwhelmed using social media, search engine optimization, or internet marketing to get clients?
  2. Do you spend loads of time and energy on building your coaching skills—but building your coaching business feels hard, frustrating or confusing?
  3. Did you become a coach because you love people but over time you feel increasingly lonely?
  4. Are you frustrated with all the hours you spend creating posts, memes and articles on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, that rarely result in new clients?
  5. Have you invested hundreds of hours—and thousands of dollars—creating a beautiful website, hiring an internet marketing “expert,” or creating an online program—that barely made any money?
  6. Or, maybe you already have plenty of clients but you’d secretly love to increase your fees, or uplevel the caliber of your clients…

This October, I will be running a six week program to take you through the key elements of The Prosperous Coach Approach.

I will teach you everything I have learned over the past decade, teaching thousands of students around the world.

And I’ll teach you every aspect of what I call Prosperous Coach 2.0. Because the world has changed a great deal since the publication of the book, back in 2013.

You will learn the fundamentals—as well as the high-level, advanced skills that have helped some of my clients sign billionaires, Olympic athletes, celebrities and high level CEOs as their clients.

Join me for six 2 hour calls on Zoom. Calls take place at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern*. We meet on October 26*, November 9, 16, 30 and December 7, 14.

Plus, I’ll be playing a game with you called, “I Can Get You Any Client.” For over a decade, I’ve played this game with coaches, to help them get clients. Now it’s your turn.

Let me tell you a secret

Let me clue you in on a little secret. Most people don’t want information. I know you’ve always been taught otherwise, but it’s true. We are drowning in facts.

What people really want is a sense of confidence and clarity in their lives. We want to feel a sense of power over our world. 

Which is why we seek out secrets, tips and “guaranteed systems” that promise to help us gain control and make sense of things.

But I can’t promise you that.

You see, there are no secrets here. 

And there are no guarantees.

What I can promise you is 3 things:

  1. To this day, I still use The Prosperous Coach Approach myself, to enroll my one-on-one clients. My clients invest between $45K and $185K for their coaching.
  2. I have taught many of the most unique, exclusive and successful coaches on the planet.
  3. If you commit to the long haul, you can master this approach, too. Join me!

The Pygmalion Effect 2 – yes, it’s back!

Over the years, I’ve coached in person, by phone, over Zoom and even on stage in front of an audience of over 1,000 people. I’ve coached soldiers, CEOs and Olympic athletes. And I regularly coach people wealthier, more successful and more intelligent than me. 

One of the most fun trainings I have ever led was earlier this year, when I took a group of coaches on a deep dive into mastering how I coach. 

I named the program The Pygmalion Effect, after the psychological phenomenon where high expectations lead to improved performance. 

So many of the participants asked me to repeat the program that I will be doing just that!

However, this time I will be coaching just one person.

Her name is Charlie. She is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met and I recently shared her story.

Come join me—live on Zoom—as I coach Charlie, week after week.

I loved running the first Pygmalion Effect. But the real reason I am running it again is that so many people asked me to! 

Check out what people said about it and grab your ticket now.

Love. Rich 



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