Master The 4 Skills Of Elite Coaching To Create High-Fee Clients And Lasting Impact – Without the Overwhelm

Discover how to boost your confidence, coaching, client creation and cash creation skills with the proven Prosperous Coach Playbook.

What if you could charge higher fees and easily enroll high-performing clients for life?

Are you a coach with great skills but struggling to enroll high-paying, high-performing clients? Are you tired of feeling frustrated and underpaid while spending money and time on ineffective online marketing courses and SEO? You’re not alone.

The truth is that impactful coaching is a high-touch, not high-tech, and it requires the right mindset and skills to create high-performing clients one conversation at a time.

Imagine if you could finally have the unshakable confidence to uplevel your coaching practice and create the clients you truly desire. Over the past 15 years, I’ve helped thousands of coaches worldwide transform their businesses and increase their income and impact. I’m here to remind you that you have the potential to build a thriving coaching practice that brings you predictable income and makes a real difference in the world.

Don’t waste any more time and energy on ineffective online marketing strategies or feeling unsure of your skills. Whether you’re a seasoned coach, a new practitioner, a consultant, or simply someone looking to build a fulfilling coaching practice, my playbook will help you learn how to build a word-of-mouth business with a few high-paying, high-performing clients, without worrying about social media or other gimmicks.

Are you ready to unlock your full potential and create the coaching practice you truly deserve?


The Prosperous Coach Playbook Program

The Prosperous Coach Playbook is the solution for coaches who struggle to get clients and want to take their coaching practice to the next level. This program provides a time-tested framework and simple strategies to attract high-paying, high-performing clients.

Through this transformative coaching experience, you’ll learn how to create powerful coaching relationships, enroll high-fee clients, and create massive value for your clients. You’ll gain the key tools, ideas, and techniques needed to coach your clients powerfully, shift their mindset, and create lasting change in their lives.

With this newfound confidence and skillset, you’ll be on the right trajectory to create a thriving coaching business that not only provides financial success but also allows you to make a real impact on the world.

Now, we’re offering an affordable option to support coaches all over the world in achieving their dreams. Don’t let confusion and overwhelm hold you back any longer. Join us and build the coaching practice you’ve always wanted.

The Prosperous Coach Playbook's Curriculum

At the heart of the The Prosperous Coach Playbook are the 4 core elements of the Prosperous Coach Approach: Connect — Invite — Create — Propose. It is a time-tested framework to boost your confidence, deep coaching, client creation, and cash creation skills.

The program is designed to be self-paced, easy to follow, and instantly transformational. I will guide you through 10 – 20 minute lessons through my signature tools and techniques for creating high-paying, high-performing clients. Practice the tools and you’ll quickly notice tangible changes in your coaching practice.

By the end of the program, you will have the confidence, skills, and tools to attract and serve high-performing, high-fee clients while transforming your coaching practice into a prosperous and fulfilling business.

Module 1: Unshakeable Confidence Guide

Overcome your confidence blocks and build the skills you need to connect with potential clients with ease and authenticity.

Module 2: Deep Coaching Guide

Drastically increase your coaching skills and ability to create high-performing, high-fee clients.

Module 3: Client Creation Guide

Attract and enroll ideal clients, increase your revenue, and build a reputation as a coach who delivers results.

Module 4: Cash Creation Guide

Create powerful client proposals, attract high-fee clients, build a strong brand identity, and generate revenue that grows your business year after year.

What You Will Learn In The Prosperous Coach Playbook

Extraordinary things happen when you level up every area of your coaching practice and unlock your ability to create high-performing, high-fee clients. I practice the same Prosperous Coach Approach to this day to enroll my $50K-$185K one-on-one clients. This approach has been proven to work with clients for over 17 years, and it will work for you too.

Learn the proven Prosperous Coach Approach used by some of the most successful coaches in the world.

Through this program, you will learn how to use the Client Creation Dashboard to measure your progress and track your success.

Experience a deep sense of confidence and increase your professional self-esteem.

This transformational program will teach you how to connect deeply with your dream clients, invite them to work with you, and learn to audition potential clients to ensure they meet your criteria for long-term, high-value relationships.

Achieve powerful shifts for your clients in less time.

Learn how to go beyond surface coaching and transform your coaching approach with the 5 Elements of Deep Coaching and the Three Levels of Transformation tool. This will enable you to take your coaching to the next level and help your clients see the world differently, resulting in powerful shifts that happen quickly.

Build a thriving practice with a few high-performing, high-fee clients.

You will learn how to transform how you show up as a coach, attract high-performing clients who want to work with you, and create powerful proposals that inspire your clients to say yes. This will help you to become the coach that top performing leaders, entrepreneurs, and extraordinary people line up to work with again and again.

Enjoy greater income (without burning out) and gain the freedom to focus on the process of creating clients without constantly worrying about the money coming in.

You will learn how to sell the experience of coaching, not just the concept, and massively increase your ability to sign high-performing, high-fee clients. This means greater income without needing to spend more time hustling for clients, and without getting caught in the vicious cycle of exchanging hours for dollars.

Rich has transformed the lives and businesses of top performers around the world, see some more testimonials

"What I appreciate most are Rich’s community of high performing, diverse leaders. Also, high flame coaching that reminded me to trust myself and my ability to make this career change happen. Deciding to invest in myself to create a real, living, breathing, coaching business was a turning point for me. Deciding that I actually belonged in this cohort of brilliant people. Deciding to inhabit a bigger space, to get uncomfortable and to evolve. Action creates clarity – taking one, small yet significant step opens up realms of possibilities."
Riya Kuo
Executive coach
"When I signed up to work with Rich I was sure I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone. I am delighted to say being in a room with Rich and like minded souls was a truly wonderful experience. Rich has a gift of putting everyone at ease, and giving you the permission to be yourself. No gimmicks, no tricks, no bs, just ‘come as you are.’ This was truly one of the best HELL YES decisions I’ve ever made, and one I would highly recommend to anyone who is ready to take their business and life to a new level."
Teresa Townsend
Executive Coach, Qatar
Learning from Rich is the #1 factor that has contributed to my success as a coach. I’ve been his client, a member of 4PC – and I’m now on the Faculty of 4PC and the Transition Excellence Ambassador. One question Rich asked me totally shifted my thoughts about transitioning from my corporate role into full time coaching. I am only half way into this year and have already made over $300K and that is spectacular! However, I am most grateful for the expanded leader I have become working with Rich.”
Varian C. Brandon
Leadership Coach & Mentor to Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs
"Rich Litvin is a world class coach but that doesn’t capture who he is and what he creates. When I first saw Rich coach, I knew that I had come across a very unique person, coach and leader. Rich works with high performers, with passionate and highly successful people who make a difference in the world, and he helps them to both bring more of themselves, and become more themselves. Now that creates impact! Working with Rich, I have appreciated his depth, his immense perceptiveness, and simply: his humanity. And also the fact that he helps me hold the bigger agenda of my leadership persistently and fiercely, and to go beyond what I first imagine – always. When working with Rich, expect to discover that what you came for is not what you are here for, and that you can go much further than your initial goals."
Sylvia Rohde-Liebenau
Leadership development, executive and team coach, European Investment Bank
Rich is the embodiment of what it means to lead from a place of service. He serves people so powerfully and deeply that the impact of his transformation will leave an imprint on how you show up in your life. He sees you more fully than you see yourself. He sees your potential, he senses what needs to be unearthed, and the gifts that you have to offer. What makes Rich truly extraordinary is his ability to continue to create new ways to amaze, inspire, and reveal new insights as you journey along with him. Rich is a champion of leaders and a creator of magic!”
Tony Martignetti
Chief Inspiration Officer, Former Senior Finance Executive
"Rich Litvin is a rare breed: a world-class coach who is also an expert at understanding the business of coaching.”
Dr. Sean C. Stephenson
Best-selling author of Get Off Your BUT

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