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Prosperous Success: Measuring What TRULY Matters

Have you ever noticed how as entrepreneurs we are taught to focus on success metrics such as financial gain, market share, and business growth?

We measure revenue, profit margins, industry ranking, competitive dominance, speed of scaling, increased customer base, and decreased cost per click.

And there is an implicit bias that doing everything bigger, faster and cheaper is better. 

But traditional measures of success often overshadow what truly matters. 

As Lily Tomlin once said, “The problem with the rat race is that even if you win it, you’re still a rat!”

What if there was an alternative approach to success, one that balances achievement with fulfillment?

What if you could build your business free from the unnecessary burdens of stress and pressure?

I call this Prosperous Success, a formula for a life well-lived, both personally and professionally.

Last year was a very challenging year for me…

  1. One of my sons had a stroke at the beginning of the year and emergency surgery at the end of the year. My other son had extreme anxiety and school refusal in the first half of the year. I literally ran my business from my car, in the parking lot of the elementary school, for five months, in order for him to feel safe enough to stay in school. It was a stressful time. 
  2. The summer was very slow in terms of revenue. At the same time I was investing a great deal of time and money in building my team, to take the business to the next level. There was a moment when I had to take over $80,000 out of our personal savings account in order to make payroll. It was a stressful time.
  3. After 16 years of marriage, Monique and I knew we had to do something different. At the start of last year we couldn’t imagine another 16 years without something changing. We put everything on the table, including the possibility of ending our relationship. We did a ton of deep reflection over the year with professional support. Both of us cried a lot. It was a stressful time.


When I sat down to review the year that had just gone I realized:

  1. My boys are both healthy and happy at this moment. And the challenges they faced last year helped them build massive resilience, very early in life.
  2. I was able to successfully run my business from an elementary school parking lot, my clients were hugely understanding, and my team were hugely supportive.
  3. We had our best year yet in terms of the caliber of our clients and the amount of revenue generated. 
  4. All of our deep reflection, including the willingness to let go of our relationship, brought Monique and I closer than we have been in years.


Wow! Those realizations struck me really deeply…

They made me see that at an early age I had somehow learned that if I don’t feel a sense of pressure or discomfort, I won’t be successful.

And I’ve discovered that I have a deep hidden belief that success without stress doesn’t really count.

Yet the stress I felt for much of last year didn’t actually help me navigate the year any better. 

So I’ve been asking myself: what if I could create a year like last year, where I can handle big challenges and create great success without the need to feel stress?

What if YOU could handle big challenges and create great success without the need to feel stress?

Here’s the formula you need:

Prosperous Success = Success + Fulfillment – Stress and Pressure

Prosperous Success is achieved when you combine success metrics (achievements, goals met, and professional milestones) with a deep sense of personal fulfillment (which includes family, friendships, a sense of faith – not necessarily religious – and a sense of purpose in your work). 

From this combination, you actively subtract or minimize the stress and pressure in your life and work. You consciously reduce the factors that cause tension and anxiety in your professional life. 

Your mission is to create a form of success that is not only high-achieving but also deeply rewarding and sustainable. 

Success free from stress and pressure. 

Success where professional achievements are balanced with personal well-being.

If traditional success is measured by how big, how fast, and how cheap you can do things, we need a new set of metrics for Prosperous Success.

In the year ahead, I’m choosing to base my life on the following 5 metrics:

  1. True wealth is your health and fitness. Prioritize it above all else.
  2. Create a family life where your children will want to hang out with you when they are adults.
  3. Create a team who feel they are on a journey of personal growth, not just in a job.
  4. Create a business where your clients become lifelong advocates, not just customers.
  5. Remember that revenue is vanity but profit is sanity. And true success is how much you improve lives, not just your financial bottom line.


What are your metrics for Prosperous Success?

Prosperous Success is about redefining what it means to be successful. 

It’s about building a life that is as rewarding personally as it is professionally. Imagine that… 

Love. Rich


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