Be mentored by Rich Litvin to become a world-class coach.

Only one spot is available.

The French word protégé is defined as one whose career is furthered by a person of experience, prominence, or influence.

I love the ancient model of a Protégé. And I have used it to create the most powerful model on the planet for a coach to take their life and their business to a world-class level.

My Protégés have all founded successful 6- and 7-figure businesses. Some have become world-class speakers. Some have written best-selling books. Some have a coaching practice that fills by word of mouth alone. All of them are entrepreneurs. All of them are extremely high performers.

You see, for the past 9 years, I have personally mentored extraordinary coaches and leaders.

Once a year, I create an opportunity to coach one person to perform at a world-class level.

As my Protégé, you’ll have my personal guidance and mentorship for 2 years. You will have access to every program I run, plus behind-the-scenes access to my entire business, as we set up your entire business…

As well as being coached by me, you will join my community of leaders. You’ll be surrounded by people who dream incredibly big, and have a track record of success behind them.

This a two year commitment – and a certainty of success. And there is rarely more than a single spot available at a time.

Master the Art of Deep Coaching

Transformative coaches get that it is possible to go far deeper than helping clients simply achieve goals and build skills. Transformative coaches who are willing to go deep with their clients—really deep—will see their lives absolutely transform.

I have spent over 20 years learning and studying with world-class teachers and coaches across the globe. I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in my own learning.

And I have captured the essence of everything I have learned in order to support my protégés to develop their own transformative coaching skills to a world-class level.

Together, we’ll 10X your impact, your business, your contribution and your free time.

Master the Art of Exponential Success

I created a highly successful coaching practice with a small number of high-performing high-fee clients. No business card. No internet marketing. No email list. I’ll teach you how.

I wrote a book that has sold over 100,000 copies. I’ve trained many of the world’s most exclusive and successful coaches. And I’ve built an active community of thousands of coaches around the world. I’ll show you how.

I’ve built a team of 10 extraordinary top performers and a business that generates over a million dollars a year. I’ll coach you how.

I’m a husband and an active dad to two little boys. I take 3 months of vacation a year. I work 4 days a week and 3 weeks a month. I’ll help you to do the same.

My company has raised the funds to build 5 schools in Africa. One of my clients has raised $3M for his non-profit. Another is raising millions to change the future of work. Another is building schools for children who think differently. And I’ve traveled myself to West Africa to teach 400 teachers in empowerment skills.

Master the Four Disciplines

Deep Inner Work

You can’t take your clients any deeper than you have been able to go in your own life . And I’ll fast track you through the very best coaching techniques, tools and systems I’ve learned in over 20 years honing my craft. You’ll learn your own blind spots—and see the dark side of each of the very gifts that make you an extraordinary top performer.

Fearless Coaching

When you are willing to vulnerably lead your clients in the most powerful way possible, they’ll sometimes love you (and they’ll sometimes hate you!) but they’ll follow you anywhere . I’ll teach you to take risks and lean into your edge — so you can help your clients do the same. You’ll find out just how far you can go with the support of loving challenge.

Creating Clients

You need to love creating clients as much as you love coaching clients . You’ll learn to serve more powerfully than anyone out there. You’ll master The Prosperous Coach Approach—and we’ll find your unique way of doing it. You’ll discover your Zone of Genius and build a brand around it.

Creating Community

If you have a mission you can achieve on your own , you’re not dreaming big enough. You’ll learn the power of client astonishment, building a depth of trust, turning followers into leaders and how to build an extraordinary team. A journey into becoming a highly successful coach requires a significant investment — time, money, energy and more. And as my Protégé you will learn to master all four of these disciplines as we work together, week after week, over 24 months.

Your program is a completely bespoke coaching experience

be·spoke: an adjective used mainly in the UK to refer to something that is completely custom-made

When it comes to clothing, you can buy a suit off-the-shelf and wear it as-is. Or you can buy an off-the-shelf suit and have it tailored to your body type.

However, a bespoke suit is designed completely for you.

We will look at every aspect of your business and your life from the inside out and design your bespoke program.

The Power of being a Protégé

The more successful you become, the higher you rise and the less people around you are willing to tell you what you really need to hear. Your family and friends love you — so they want you to stay “safe.”

I am often the only person in my client’s world who is not here to please them. You see, I won’t sugar coat it. I won’t let your fears hold you back. And I promise I won’t buy into your “stories.”

I’ll tell you how it is. I’ll say what no one else in your world is bold enough to say. And I’ll do it all from an authentic and vulnerable place.

My Protégés have all founded successful 6- and 7-figure businesses.

Some have become world-class speakers. Some have a small coaching practice that fills by word of mouth alone. All of them are entrepreneurs. All of them are extremely high performers. They include:

Jen Gresham is the former Assistant Chief Scientist for the Human Performance Wing of the Air Force, where she helped direct a $100 million research and development portfolio. She earned her PhD in biochemistry in 3 years—half the time most students take. She was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and named one of the top scientists in the Air Force. She’s also a published poet and a successful blogger and a loving mom. And she is currently raising $100 million to change the future of work.

Mark Silverman is a force of nature who has a background in multi-million dollar complex sales—over $90 million of sales during his career. He has a genius in coaching executives. He wrote a bestselling book called Only 10s that helps high performers navigate distractions holding them back from real results. And he’s a member of the Faculty of 4PC.

Jackie Knechtel had a multiple six-figure private practice where she made great money and had a huge impact on people’s lives. But she was a people pleasing, perfectionist, type-A, overachiever who was working insane hours and constantly stressed and burnt-out. She’s now the co-founder of the Flow Consciousness Institute which holds retreats, leads workshops and delivers transformational experiences for entrepreneurs around the world.

Terrance Thames has been a coach for 8 years by word-of-mouth and referral only. He still doesn’t even have a business card or a website. He helps high impact entrepreneurs optimize their sales performance and create high-level clients.

Annabel Hands is a successful entrepreneur who created Britain’s first ever plumbing company run only by women. She is strong willed, decisive, practical, tough minded and energetic and only created this company because she saw an injustice that women were unable to have success in this field. She went on to build her second 7-figure business after this one.

Two important distinctions:

1) Serving vs. Pleasing

My coaching is intense and it can be high flame. While most of my clients become friends, I am not here to “be” your friend.

2) Action vs. Perfection

I filter for clients with a bias for action — so it will be your mission to turn our coaching into powerful action in the world.

Components of the Protégé Program

As my Protégé, you’ll have my personal guidance and mentorship for 2 years. Here’s what we’re going to be doing:

YEAR 1: Personalized Deep Coaching

We have 26 scheduled calls. Some clients like them all in Year 1 – but they usually run well into Year 2, depending on our schedules. We work on building action towards your inspiring goals. We surface what you really want, not just what you think you want. And we handle the blocks and limiting beliefs that arise on your journey. Your Protégé Program includes what I call Virtually Unlimited Coaching. When you need more time we make it happen.

YEAR 2: Membership of 4PC

During our time together, you have access to every single program and event we run. This includes attendance at the Rich Litvin Intensive (RLI), the 4PC Accelerator, and a single Deep Dive. Plus, you get access to anything new I create. And you receive access to our public Intensives – in perpetuity!

YEARS 1 & 2: Behind-The-Scenes

You have unique, behind-the-scenes access to my business – from my team meetings to the leadership team at our transformational events. And you’ll have the ability to have private conversations with the members of my team who help me with marketing, branding, team-building, creating astonishing experiences for clients and curating an incredible community of leaders.

Over our time together:

You learn how to coach elite top performers – at the highest level.

You learn how to enroll high-performing, high-fee clients. Again and again and again.

You will build deep confidence that you can deliver hundreds of thousands of dollars of value from your coaching.

You will dream bigger than you’ve ever dreamed –– and turn these dreams into your reality. And you’ll help your clients do the same.

My Promises

I will not PROMISE you success—that’s out of my control.

And I will not PROMISE you results—that’s up to you.

I will PROMISE to see you as the powerful person I know—
no matter what.

I will PROMISE to see you as the powerful person I know—
even when you forget to believe in yourself.

I will PROMISE to see you as the powerful person I know—
even when circumstances “appear” to be out of your control.

You will know that — no matter what— there is someone over here who believes in how powerful you already are.

Your Investment

This a $100K investment – a two year commitment – and a certainty of success. It is highly selective. And there is rarely more than a single spot available at a time.

This opportunity will require you to invest your energy, your time and your commitment into creating something so powerful in your life that it will have a life-long impact – on you and every one of your clients.

I work with those whose word is more powerful than any contract or document. And all compensation is non-refundable.

We only enter into a Protégé agreement when we are both a clear Hell Yes. Nothing less.

And then we begin…


Your Next Step

If you’re ready to explore whether becoming my Protégé is right for you, your next step is to complete a confidential profile.

My team and I will review your submission and will be in touch very soon.