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Raising Your Vibration Around Money

I read a great book on money a few years ago. It has a terrible title! How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get to Heaven by John DeMartini has some really great exercises that really helped me change my mindset around money.

One exercise is to start carrying a large amount of money in your pocket in order to experience what it would be like if you were already generating more financial abundance.

So I tried it out.

I withdrew $1,000 from the ATM and I began to carry it in my wallet.


I’ve never been so aware of my wallet in my life. It was burning a hole in my pocket. I was hyper-aware whenever I put it down.

And then over a few weeks something interesting happened. There came a day when I misplaced my wallet.

Nothing unusual there. I ALWAYS used to forget where I’d put my wallet.

And that was when I realized, NOW, I’ve raised my vibration.

It was the moment that carrying $1,000 in cash was no longer such a big deal that everything had shifted. And then, of course, I found the wallet, just like I always did.

Last September, I was handed a big check by a new client. $75,000 to be precise. But then something came up and we had to delay our start date. And they asked me not to cash the check.

And then over the next couple of months, they asked a couple more times if we could push out the start date. I had a lot going on so I was fine with that. And frankly I quite enjoyed carrying a $75,000 check in my wallet.

I got that, once again, I was raising my vibration around money.

A few weeks back, in the middle of a call with one of my coaching clients, I was telling her this story when I had an insight.

I realized that truthfully, I’d become attached to the $75,000. I secretly wanted the coaching agreement to be confirmed. Despite all the evidence telling me that this wasn’t going to happen.

I was actually speaking to that potential client the very next day and as I shared my insight with Christina, I knew what I needed to do.

I needed to rip up that check.

I didn’t need to be the guy carrying around a $75,000 check. I needed to be the guy who could let go of a $75,000 check and be ok with it. So, with my coaching client listening with baited breath—I tore it into little pieces.

As an interesting epilogue. My energy was much more free when I spoke to the potential client the next day. I said what I’d done. And I could sense the relief at the other end.

And then we got to creating a different kind of agreement. And I’m pretty certain that in the months ahead they’ll be a client after all.

Love. Rich


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