Be Remarkable

our impact isn’t the quantity of people who like you.
It’s the quality of the people who love what you do.

A Self-Paced Teaching & Coaching Experience – with Rich Litvin

I have been asked for years how to build a remarkable business that gets people talking – because it is so unusual or good.

How can you stand out in a world where everyone is an ‘expert’? How can you get the word out when everyone is doing the same thing? And how can you sell your book, your program or your coaching, in such a noisy world?

We live at a time where everyone is focused on metrics. How many followers do you have on Twitter? How many Facebook friends did you get today? What’s the size of your email list?

I have a million dollar business. But I have zero connections on LinkedIn and only 400 people following me on Instagram. When I posted an article on Facebook that took me 14 hours to write, it got 65 likes. When I posted a photo of me and my kids, it got 242 likes.

I have friends who are experts at internet marketing who have millions of people on their email lists. I have precisely 10,001 people on my email list. So, I don’t make sense to most internet marketers.

You see, we are measuring the wrong thing… And nobody cares about “likes”…

For an investment of only $695, in this self-paced training I’ll give you the mindsets, techniques and tools that I use – so you can take your coaching and consulting practice to the next level.

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I’ll give you the mindsets, techniques and tools that I use

– so you can take your coaching and consulting practice to the next level.

Recording #1
In this 90 minute training call recording I teach you the principles behind building a remarkable business:    

  • Client Astonishment: how to create raving fans
  • Advocate Marketing: how to have your raving fans do your marketing for you 
  • Superhero Marketing: how to turn your clients into superheroes 
  • Depth vs Breadth: how to put people ahead of shiny objects, tricks and ‘hacking’
  • Heuristics: how to stop mimicking the best practices of others – and create your own.
  • High Touch vs High Tech marketing: create a personalized approach to marketing that energizes you and works for you.
  • How to create a body of work online: this is the intellectual capital that will become your intellectual property (your books, your products, your programs, your tools). It’s simpler than you think.
  • The principles of Strategic Partnership: to create 1+1=11 relationships.

Recording #2
Listen in to this “Ask Me Anything” call with Sarah, my Director of Operations.  She will give you a behind the curtain look at how our business runs so smoothly.  Sarah runs all the systems and processes behind a successful 7 figure business.  But she has also been a witness to all the mistakes and screw ups I’ve made along the way. And she’s helped me out of many of them!

Recording #3
Get access to this 90 minute recording, where I answer any question, any level of intensity and do “Hot Seat Coaching.”

All calls are previously recorded and you’ll have access to them in perpetuity.

Do you want to stay “a best kept secret”?
Or do you want to be remarkable?

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