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Your Next Steps

Influence Deep Dive

Would you love to build your own ultra-strong brand? Master the power of Influence at our in-person, 3-day experience, in Los Angeles.

Program Dates: September 18 – 25, 2023

Project Kairos

Would you love to be a Prosperous Coach? Get coached by Rich, in our flagship program. An 8 months group coaching program, with Zoom calls and a private online community.

Program Starts on: September 2023.

4PC Accelerator

Would you love to be sought out by dream clients? Elevate your current success as a coach by becoming a Thought Leader. A virtual experience over 8 days.

Program Dates: October 18, 2023 – October 25, 2023


Do you struggle to communicate your unique value as a coach? Do you have years of experience and success behind you but you struggle to create clients? In this exclusive one-on-one coaching experience, Rich will draw out your unique story.


Imagine Rich mentoring and coaching you for 2 years, to build a world-class coaching business. You’ll dramatically impact every aspect of your coaching – and your life… $100K investment.

One spot available.

Thinking Partnership

Would you love to have Rich as your personal coach? There’s a reason world-class entrepreneurs, athletes and special forces operatives work with Rich…

Only two spots available.

Expand Your Coaching Journey And
Explore Our Varied Programs and Intensives

In addition to the four live programs mentioned above, we offer an extensive library of programs and intensives tailored to meet your coaching needs. You have the flexibility to explore and select the program that suits you best, whether it's an on-demand program, a group live intensive, or even the option to work directly with me on a one-on-one basis. The choice is yours to make based on your preferences and requirements.