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Are You Ready to Elevate Your Coaching Practice?

This planner isn't just a guide; it's a transformational experience.

Many coaches find themselves lost in the competitive coaching industry. They struggle to stand out and maximize their impact. Are you one of them?

The Extraordinary Coaching Practice Roadmap Planner is here to change that. It offers a comprehensive guide to understand your current position and the steps you need to take to elevate your practice

Rich Litvin, a leader in the coaching world, invites you to delve into a workbook crafted to revolutionize your coaching approach.

The planner is an invaluable resource for any coach looking to elevate their practice. It offers deep insights into the mechanics of successful coaching, from client acquisition and retention strategies to enhancing personal coaching skills.
Coaches will find practical, actionable steps to not only improve their techniques but also to build a sustainable, thriving business.

This comprehensive guide is a must-have for coaches at any level, providing the tools and knowledge necessary to create a significant, lasting impact in both their professional and personal growth.

Planner structure

The planner contains insightful self-reflection questions which will engage you in thought-provoking exercises to evaluate and enhance your current practice.

Section 1: Coaching Practice Review Questions

This section includes introspective questions to help you assess the current state of your coaching practice. It guides you through evaluating your income goals, daily routines, referral systems, marketing tools, and more. The goal is to provide a clear understanding of where you are in your coaching journey.

Section 2: Creating an Extraordinary Coaching Practice - The Litvin List

This part focuses on several key areas like setting goals, developing a strategy, enhancing mindset, upgrading skills, optimizing your environment, creativity in coaching, and the art of deep coaching. It’s designed to help you refine your approach and create a more impactful and fulfilling coaching practice.

Section 3: Rich Litvin's Client Creation Formula

This section presents a step-by-step formula for creating and retaining clients. It covers aspects of connecting with potential clients, inviting them to coaching sessions, creating powerful coaching experiences, making proposals, and successfully acquiring clients.

Each section is crafted to build upon the last, ensuring a comprehensive development of your coaching skills and business acumen.

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How to Use the Planner Effectively

Reflect and Respond:

Take the time to thoroughly answer each question in the planner.

Embrace Self-Discovery: Be open to new insights about yourself and your coaching style.
Apply and Thrive:

Implement the strategies and insights in your daily coaching practice for maximum impact.

About Rich Litvin

Meet the high-performing coach who will bring out the exponential coach in YOU

Ultra-successful people – who you would assume don’t need a coach – are the ones who call Rich.

His clients have included Olympic athletes, Presidential candidates, Hollywood film directors, Special Forces operatives, serial entrepreneurs, PhDs and Harvard Business School alumni. Rich is the founder of 4PC – a community of the top 4% of coaches and leaders.

A thought leader in the coaching world, Rich is co-author of the highly-acclaimed book The Prosperous Coach. It has sold over 70,000 copies and been in the top 20 books on Coaching on Amazon for 7 years. He leads a community of almost 20,000 coaches and consultants. And he has helped train some of the most exclusive coaches on the planet. A scientist by training, Rich has a background in Behavioral Physiology and Psychology. He trained to teach at the University of Oxford and he has a master’s degree in Educational Effectiveness & Improvement.

Rich’s big picture is to mobilise $100 Million to educate a million children. His company has helped to build 5 schools in Africa.

He has lived and worked in eight countries and on four continents. Born in England, he still has an adorable British accent and spends his time between LA and London.

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