Exclusive Sneak Peek of "The Salon"

Be a fly on the wall and experience Rich's signature group coaching program

In this video, you'll witness...

  • The counterintuitive way I coach someone who wants to clarify her mission.
  • How I work with clients to discover the questions they are really asking—and the support they actually need.
  • What I recommend to a coach who is considering coaching his girlfriend, so she can make better referrals for him.
  • How to expand your thinking into what’s possible, when you feel locked into an A or B choice.
  • How to handle Imposter Syndrome and what to do when you feel like you’ve snuck into a conference you don’t belong at.
  • How to answer the dreaded networking question of “So, what do you do?” Hint: it's easier than you think!
  • How to monetize what you do. I coach a woman who wants to build a bridge between corporate work and nonprofit work.
  • How “The Momma Bear Effect” can help women coaches (or clients) succeed at a powerful mission.
  • How to work with a “double identity” — when your day job is different from your coaching practice.
  • My most powerful coaching tool. See how I coach with silence to allow the client to coach themselves.
  • The power of remembering how powerful you are, and the competing commitments that might be holding you back.

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