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I’ve saved two peoples lives

In my 20s, I was teaching at a rural school in Botswana. On a trip across the border to Zimbabwe, I saw a man being beaten for stealing. He was running from the crowd and tripped and fell on the ground, smashing his head on the concrete, right in front of me. I was too young to know better and I jumped in front of him and shouted at everyone to leave him alone.

In rural communities, there’s nothing worse than stealing and the crowd was enraged as they chased him. But my naive shouts broke the spell, and in the pause, the thief was able to leave – covered in blood but with his life intact. 

Eight years ago, I hosted a party for my community of leaders, 4PC. It was a Superhero-themed party and much to the thrill of my little kids, I was dressed as Deadpool, down to the twin plastic swords on my back!

On the drive home, I saw a man slumped on the side of the road. I thought he’d been hit by a car.

I jumped out and went over to him, but he wasn’t responsive. Monique called 911 and I began to give him CPR.

It felt like forever until the emergency services arrived. And there was just one single moment when his eyes flickered. The rest of the time they were closed and I was worried I may have been trying to resuscitate someone who had already passed away. 

It was an intense experience. 

Fortunately, once the ambulance had arrived, they took him off to hospital, where he was put onto a ventilator and survived. 

I’m genuinely proud of those two moments, but the truth is I save far more lives every day as a coach.

Every time I provoke my clients’ thinking, I save them from the default lives they were drifting into, and I help them step into a created life that’s on their own terms.

You’re a powerful coach, in the business of saving people from their default lives and that makes you a true superhero.

Every insight you offer, every limiting belief you help dismantle, is an act of empowerment. You are the hero in your client’s journey, guiding them to realize their true strength and potential.

Thank you for the profound difference you are making, one life at a time.

Love. Rich 


PS. Thanks for all the well wishes from those of you who read that I broke a finger, earlier this week. I’m booked for hand surgery on Monday because it’s a slightly complicated fracture.

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