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From successful executive to scared coach to successful coach

When I met Mark, he had a track record of success behind him but he was very scared… 

He had made over $90 million in complex tech sales in a previous career. He’d worked in the corporate world and at numerous rapid growth startups. But despite his past success, he was now a new coach, struggling to get clients. 

He felt frustrated and frightened when he realized he was spending more money from cashing in his 401(k) than from coaching income. For the first time in his life, his bank account was going down, not up. He had a beautiful home, two kids in private school and his income was no longer enough to cover his cost of living. 

Listen to my very real and raw interview with Mark, as he tells the story of joining my community. It’s a story of many ups and downs and he asked me if he could share it with you. 

You see, Mark is now making over $200K a year as a coach, with dream clients. His first book sold over 50,000 copies and he has a highly successful podcast. But his success was hard won and he wanted you to learn from his mistakes.

Love. Rich

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