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Sell into the future

Selling into the future is a superpower 

But it’s easier than you think.

Would you like a waiting list for clients?

Let me help you… 

How many clients do you have currently?

Maybe one? Perhaps 5 or 12?

Let’s say you have 6 clients but you’d like 15 in total. 

The first step is to slow down. 

Stop focusing on what you don’t have.

Focus on what you do have.

You have 6 clients.

That’s amazing. 

But here’s the important insight…

You are now full.

When the next person says, “I’d love to work with you.” You respond precisely as if you had a full client load.

Because you do.

“Great. I am currently full. Would you like to reserve your spot to begin in September?”

Sell into the future.

It will change everything.

Love. Rich  


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