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Slow The **** Down

If you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know how much I believe in the power of Slowing Down to Speed Up.

I also believe in the power of “Failure”—because it’s never really failure if you learn from it. Here’s a great insight from one of our community members, Rebecca.

Rebecca sent me a message about a lovely email she received from someone she coached:

“I wanted to share an email with everybody because this is what I received when I started being myself – a vulnerable authentic and powerful coach:

‘I have truly been inspired by you and cannot express how much I appreciate the support and encouragement you have given and continue to give.

I am whole heartedly ready to make a change in my life, take a risk and really go after what makes me happy. I am learning to dream big and follow those dreams. I do believe I met you for a reason, and my journey with you is not over, I have no doubt that I will surely be coming to you for further guidance to help me really find my bigger purpose and making all these ideas I have into reality. You are more than a business coach, you are an inspiration and a guide through this journey…’

I worked with this person for seven days and then she chose not to work any longer! I made a bold proposal I went for it wholeheartedly.

Some of it paid off and some of it didn’t! We worked together, we were moving really fast and a little too fast!

What I learnt from this person was to never be afraid of the power of slowing down!”

Love. Rich


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