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Something Has To Give

I’m not good at taking care of me. 

In fact, I’ve built an entire career around taking care of others. 

I used to be a high school teacher, working 70 hour weeks for almost 15 years. That’s not a complaint. I loved my job. 

Then I became a coach. And all I’ve had to do every day—for the past 12 years—is to be there for others. 

What an awesome life!

Except, when you are the one always giving—something has to give.

And on several occasions in my life, I’ve come crashing down, both emotionally and physically.  

Part of my gift as a coach is helping my high-performing clients do what is needed to recharge and energize:

  • I teach a simple decision-making heuristic—a rule of thumb—HELL YEAH or HELL NO
  • I teach that what made you successful is saying YES to almost every opportunity—and what will get you to your next level of success is saying NO to almost every opportunity. 
  • I teach my clients to SLOW DOWN in order to speed up. 
  • I teach my clients to do more of what FILLS THEM WITH ENERGY and less of what DRAINS THEM OF ENERGY—gradually removing every energy drainer.

I know you see me… I teach what I most need to learn, right?

I’m a coach, I’m not perfect!

But I do have self-awareness. 

I know that I can’t keep junk food in the house. If I do, I eat it. I once tracked down a box of Christmas chocolates that Monique hid from me—and ate every last one!

I know that there’s no point in me joining a gym. I’ll never go. So, I hire a personal trainer because then I show up.

And I know that I can’t book a massage or see a movie in the middle of the day or go for a walk on the beach without feeling guilty. So, I have a member of my team schedule these things for me. 

This week, they scheduled a massage at a day spa for me. And I showed up. 

Once I lay down, the masseuse said these words to me, “You can relax now. You’re here for you…”

It might sound crazy but that was hard to hear. 

I even started crafting this article in my mind, as I was getting the massage!

I was sharing with Daniel Tyler Pohnke—a client of mine—that I block out Mondays just for me and how hard it is for me to not let meetings etc, creep onto this day. 

Daniel, stopped me. He said, I have Mondays for me, too, Rich. But I have told my wife and I have told my team and I have told my clients that this day is for me and for no one else and for nothing else. 

And he said this with such power and such clarity that I immediately saw what I was missing. 

Daniel was taking care of Daniel. Ruthlessly. 

It’s time for me to take care of me. 

No one else will.

It’s time for you to take care of you. 

No one else will.

Love. Rich

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