RLI Source Team

Leadership From the Inside-Out

We create events run by leaders at every level.

For years people have asked us, “How do you create such amazing Intensives?”

We have run over 24 Intensives in the past 8 years and we’ve sold out all but one. We’ve had people return to attend Intensives again and again. And more than 50% of our attendees hear about what we do by word of mouth.

There’s a reason for this.

It’s been very conscious.

We create events run by leaders – at every level.

But we didn’t think this was teachable.

Until now.

A leader doesn’t have to be in the front of the room to have a profound impact

We call our team of coaching leaders the Source Team because months before anyone even steps into the room at the Intensive, our leaders are crafting the experience they will have.

Through their being, they hold space for transformation at our live events.

Through their leadership, they draw out the transformation of our community.

And through their love and connection, they draw out the rawness and vulnerability that are the secrets of deep transformation.

They literally source the experience of everyone who attends an Intensive.

Would you like to join our team? 

We are currently accepting applications for the Source Team at the April 2022 public intensive.  Click here to see intensive details and location.

We are offering an inside-out leadership experience.

This is a unique opportunity to dive even deeper into the mastery of your own leadership, to uplevel your team building skills and to be intimately involved in delivering extraordinary transformational experiences – for 5, 10 or 250 people.

And you will transform from the inside out.

You will:

You will also:

If you show up fully, play full out, and apply your learnings and insights, you will 10x the value of your investment.

What’s included in your leadership experience:

Coaching with Rich + Team Connection + Ask Me Anything Sessions

Apply to join the April 2022
Source Team

WARNING: There’s no curriculum. No reading list. There’s no grade or certificate. And this is not a “workshop” where you’ll leave with a binder full of notes. This is an immersion experience.

Your investment is $5,397 which includes your seat on the Source Team and admission to the intensive.

You must apply to be a member of the Source Team.

IMPORTANT: This opportunity is only available if you have attended a Rich Litvin Intensive (at least once) as a participant