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Spider Bite Marketing

Most coaches are relentlessly selling the wrong thing. 

They are selling their system, or their qualifications. They talk endlessly about themselves, their “proprietary” process, or their “special” program. Or they drone on about famous thought leaders or about “coaching.” 

Don’t be most coaches. 

Stop selling a system for transformation. Talk about the results of transformation. 

Help your clients become superheroes. Then tell everyone about them.

If I had developed a beneficial spider venom—that when absorbed, turned you into a crime-busting superhero—I wouldn’t spend hours discussing the biological breakdown of the chemical or my qualifications as a scientist.

Instead, I’d tell you about a sickly young British woman called Jessica Drew, who—as a result of my chemical—developed super-human strength, speed, stamina, agility, and reflexes. Her body became resistant to injury and everyone called her Spider-Woman. Or I’d tell you about Peter Parker, who developed superhuman strength and agility. He can detect danger with his “spider-sense.” And he’s widely respected because he dedicates himself to solving crimes, under the name Spiderman.

Nobody cares about your proprietary process. No one. 

They care about who they will become as a result. 

Stop selling the spider. Sell the superhero.   

I’m a scientist by background but I never did create a biology-changing chemical. I have, however, spent the past decade and a half creating superheroes. 

Let me tell you about three of them by illustrating the power of the superhero effect vs the spider bite… 


🕷 4PC is a group of fascinating leaders and coaches who meet 4 times a year and are coached by me. 

🦸🏽 When you’re in 4PC you become known as an expert in your field. Clients seek you out. You build your own community. You create true impact, true wealth, true health and discretionary time. 

Our 3 newest members are: 

  • Tatiana Poliakova, who learned about psychology and human behaviour in a 20+ year career in investment banking and management consulting at the world’s top firms. With a word-of-mouth reputation, her clients are high-level leaders and high-performing teams. Committed to giving back, she’s a trustee of the SmileTrain UK board, a charity which provides free cleft palate surgery to children in need around the world. 
  • Chris Frolic, who dropped out of high school, went on to become a famous DJ and then built an extremely successful internet-based business. Chris has an email list with a maximum of 100 members. You have to apply to be on his list. His clients invest $10 million to work with him. And he has built a collection of pinball machines in a private arcade that he opens to guests to raise money for a children’s hospital. 
  • Alina Addison, who was an investment banker with Rothschild—one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory groups—for 15 years. She was a founding member of the Rothschild Diversity Committee. She built and leads a firm for successful women leaders. She is a board advisor and fund raiser for 3 childrens’ charities. And she owns and manages a hotel that she built in Transylvania. 

Project Kairos

🕷 Project Kairos is a small group of coaches who want to master creating clients. 

🦸🏽 When you’re in Project Kairos you create clients on demand. You stop being a best kept secret. You regularly raise your fees and make bold proposals. 

Our alumni include: 

  • Eric Partaker, who built a chain of restaurants in the UK. He won awards including “CEO of the Year” and “Britain’s Most Disruptive Entrepreneur” from the British newspaper, The Telegraph. After joining Project Kairos, he built a coaching practice with ten $100K clients. 
  • Leslie Samuel, a high school science teacher who dreamed of becoming a university professor but built a YouTube channel teaching biology, instead. His videos had millions of views and literally landed him a job as a university professor in a doctoral program—without a PhD. He went on to become a successful blogger and now an extremely successful coach. 

Transition Excellence

🕷 Transition Excellence is a community of high-level leaders who want to coach high-level leaders. Despite career success behind them, they often feel insecure as a “former” CEO or SVP. 

🦸🏽 When you’re in Transition Excellence you build massive confidence in yourself. And you create cash by learning the skills to enroll and coach high-level leaders. 

Our members include:

  • Laurie Arron, the former Chief of Staff at one of the world’s largest companies, who is becoming known as an expert at helping leaders who help leaders. 
  • Abigail Olaya, a former leader in the corporate world, managing an IT project portfolio of $73M. She left corporate in 2009, took a $15,000 loan and grew it into a multi-million dollar wedding venue business. She’s the mother to triplet girls and she coaches high powered women, just like her. 
  • Stephanos Papadopoulos worked at a Big Four accounting firm, has been a Financial Controller and a CFO. He understands numbers and he understands people—a rare combination. His consulting firm works with shareholders, boards of directors and lenders to do one thing: increase financial performance.

Notice what I did? 

You don’t really know any more about 4PC, Project Kairos or Transition Excellence… But how would you like to be more like Tatiana, Chris, Alina, Eric, Leslie, Laurie, Abigail or Stephanos?

Imagine how it would feel to be part of a community that shared your success stories with the world, on a regular basis… 

Stop selling the spider. Sell the superhero. 

Help your clients become superheroes. Then tell everyone about them. 

Love. Rich 


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