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From Fear to 806.8 Million Hours of Listens: The Story of My Podcast’s Success

For the longest time – nearly half a decade – I had a dream of launching a podcast. Yet, I hesitated.

The whirlwind of doubts was endless. What insights could I possibly share? Would anyone tune in to my thoughts? And, with the plethora of podcasts already out there, was there even space for mine?

But in the summer of 2019, I decided it was time to face my fears.

I reached out to 10 clients, offering them a unique opportunity: to be coached by me for a podcast series. Aware it would be recorded for an audience, they agreed.

My initial plan was to record 10 episodes. That way, if nobody listened to it, I could pretend it was meant to be a one-season podcast! 😂

It turned out that people loved it. So I recorded a second season.

And it turned out that I loved it. So I recorded a third season.

And I kept going…

As I write, I’m 22 seasons in!

The true essence of success is perseverance.

Here we are, 53 months since that first episode. In this time, I’ve produced 43 episodes and witnessed an astounding 627,357 downloads. This translates to a breathtaking 806.8 million hours of engagement with my podcast.

Are you facing fears right now? Embrace them. Start that journey.

On the other side of fear is almost everything you desire.

Love. Rich


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