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Stop comparing your worst moments with everyone else’s highlight reel

What you can’t see in this photo is that it was taken after a 2 hour couples therapy session (on zoom, of course).

We shouted. We cried. The last few months have been really intense on us. Work. Homeschooling. Kids. More work. More homeschooling. Social distancing. Kids. 24/7. Non-stop. Missing friends. Missing family.

It was a rough therapy session. We didn’t hold anything back.

But after we finished crying – and the therapy was over – we held each other. Tightly. For a long time.

When we let go, we were smiling. And Monique said, Let’s take a photo.

But you wouldn’t know any of that from this photo.

Monique posted it on Facebook later that day. It got 264 likes and dozens of hearts.

But no one knew the real story behind it.

There are two dangerous parts to being online

1) We often scroll through social media, when we’re feeling sad. Or lonely. Or empty. Or unhappy.

Like shopping when you’re hungry, that’s a really bad idea… 

Stop comparing your WORST moments with everyone else’s HIGHLIGHT REEL.

2) I’ve never seen a highly successful person, or a high net worth individual, post on social media how much money they make. Never.

And, if another person tried to convince me that they were homeless last month but now they’re making 7 figures. From the beach. And that for only $19.99 a month, they’ll share their entire proprietary process… 🤦🏻‍♂️ 

Too many struggling marketers and coaches use social media to sell a great story. It’s just not their story. Unless you’re a Kardashian, you’ll never post a photo of your family online in a private jet. And you can rent a private jet for an hour, just to take your Instagram photos. Yes, that’s a thing!

People don’t tell the truth. Especially about money.

Don’t believe the hype around money, or success – when it’s posted on social media.

Love. Rich


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