I have written every day for the past 10 years. If you like to read, I've got your back - and I promise to challenge your thinking

Stop reading Brené and Seth and Tony!

Stop sharing Brené Brown quotes and Seth Godin quotes and Tony Robbins quotes. 

Stop reading their books. 

Not because they are not creating great stuff. They often are. But because 90% of coaches are reading Brené and Seth and Tony.

Don’t be most coaches. 

When I come across interesting quotes or ideas, I save them—in my Notes app, or an app called Pocket.

Then, when I need to come up with a new way of thinking, I pull them up on my phone and start writing. I write every morning in bed, on my phone, between 5-6am because everyone is asleep at that time, including the puppy!

This morning I came across a quote that said, “There are 3 rules for success. Rule #1: Get started. Rule #2: Keep going. Rule #3: Get lucky. How to get lucky? Get started. Keep going.”

Interesting idea. 

Most coaches would have posted it on Facebook. The creative ones might have turned it into a colorful meme. 

Don’t be most coaches. 

I used it to stimulate my thinking. 

I reflected on my 3 rules for success. And then I began to wonder what other sets of 3 rules might I create.  

In twenty minutes, I came up with the following:

There are 3 rules for success as a coach… 

Rule #1: Listen; deeply. 

Rule #2: Tell your clients what no one else would dare to say. 

Rule #3: Most people fight for their limitations; fight for your clients’ potential. 

There are 3 rules for success as a thought leader…

Rule #1: Make stuff up. Constantly. 

Rule #2: Share your ideas; before you’re ready. 

Rule #3: Provoke the heck out of people; stop them in their tracks; wake them up. 

There are 3 rules for success in business. 

Rule #1: Don’t be the best, be the only. 

Rule #2: Create value. Constantly. 

Rule #3: Profit trumps revenue but cash flow is your lifeblood. 

There are 3 rules for surviving in challenging times… 

Rule #1: Serve your ass off. 

Rule #2: Solve people’s problems. 

Rule #3: Do what you need to do, even though you feel scared. You can do scared.  

There are 3 rules for building an extraordinary team…

Rule #1: Hire people smarter than you. 

Rule #2: Coach them, don’t manage them. 

Rule #3: Step out of their way. 

I’m sharing all these ideas with you before I’m ready. I may never come back to any of them. Or maybe there’s an idea in here that I’ll be teaching for the next 5 years. Who knows?

The point is:

Use other people’s thinking to provoke your thinking. Then share your thinking, to provoke others

Worried about sharing it because you just made it up?

Everything you ever read, every program you ever took, every course you ever studied… WAS MADE UP!

Seriously. It’s. All. Made. Up. 

Make something up, today. And share it with one person. 

Love. Rich 


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