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Stop. Throwing. Away. Money.

You know that voice in your head that says the only way to create clients is to use social media… You don’t have to listen to it.

You know that incessant noise on your social media stream – that says the only way to create clients is to use social media… You don’t have to listen to it.

I don’t have anything against big online influencers, I’m just tired of seeing people who have built a large internet presence assume that is a proxy for being able to teach coaches how to get clients. If someone has a lot of subscribers on Youtube, by all means learn from them how to increase your subscriber rate, or get more views. But ask yourself why you are learning from them how to get clients. 

I’m not anti-marketing. I’m an antidote to the idea that the only way to enroll clients is building a massive marketing engine. In fact, for most coaches, it will never work and it will only drain them of energy. Plus, since social media is based around comparison with others, it will usually drain them of happiness, too.

Most coaches’ Instagram posts look lovely but their dream clients aren’t on Instagram. Your Facebook posts and ads can get attention but you are fighting an algorithm that even marketers spending $100,000+ a month are struggling with. Creating and selling ebooks for $5.97 can interest clients but frankly you’d make far more renting out your spare room. And sending LinkedIn messages to strangers is an immediate indicator that you’re struggling to get clients.

There are only two things that consistently create high-performing, high-fee clients:

1. Serve people so powerfully they never forget your conversation for the rest of their life…

Apply The Prosperous Coach Approach. Connect. Invite. Create. Propose. Serve your ass off. Track your lead indicators. Collect NOs. Repeat. This works as well for introverts as extraverts.

If you want to get better at this, Project Kairos 2.0 begins in a few days. It’s your chance to work with me to:

  • Dramatically increase your confidence – and belief in yourself – as a high-level coach
  • Drastically increase your skills at enrolling high-performing, high-fee clients
  • Build the confidence to coach clients who are more successful, intelligent and wealthy than you – with power and impact

There are a few spots left. And only a few days left before we begin.

2. Share provocative ideas that stop your dream clients in their tracks…

Discover what has your dream clients wake up at 3am, with tears streaming down their face, and let them know you know… Then mess with their thinking. And, if you do meet them on social media, get them off social media and onto your newsletter.

The word preeminence has a Latin origin, meaning, “to rise above.” It is the state of excelling – being extremely distinguished, outstanding, and admired by others. Preeminent success can never result from simply doing what is required, or what the majority are doing. Preeminence is the ability to become known and sought after, in a crowded marketplace, with ideas of distinction. But make no mistake, for a coach or consultant, the purpose of becoming preeminent is not fame, validation or recognition. It’s to create clients.

If you want to learn how to massively accelerate your success – using the power of language, to become known as the expert in your field, to create your own Intellectual Property, and to build your own community – join me and the members of 4PC on the 4PC Accelerator. It’s a once-a-year opportunity to join the members of 4PC (my private club for top performers) at an 8 day training – to dramatically increase your influence… 

Love. Rich


PS. Dramatically increase your confidence as a coach by mastering enrolling clients. Drastically increase your ability to raise your fees and up-level your clients. And learn to have fun making money. Join me on The 90 Day Money Game. There’s still time to join us…   


PLUS, whenever you’re ready – here are 4 more ways you can drastically increase your income and impact as a world-class coach:

  1. Assess your current coaching level and learn how to get to your next level. Read – or remind yourself of – The Litvin Levels, from The Prosperous Coach.
  2. Watch me coach some of the top coaches on the planet, in order to drastically uplevel your coaching skills. Join me on How To Coach A Superhero: The 4PC edition
  3. Imagine joining a Deep Coaching experience alongside the members of 4PC, my community of high-level coaches… We only offer The 4PC Accelerator once a year and it always sells out in advance. Save $1,000 with early-bird pricing.
  4. Learn how to enroll and coach successful, talented and ambitious clients – with power and impact. Join my flagship program, Project Kairos – for 8 months of guidance, challenge and support to master creating clients.


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