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Success Has A Cost

Coaching high achievers is challenging because the biggest problem with success is…success. What helped you get to your current level of success is precisely what will hold you back from your next level of success. Or to put it more succinctly—what got you here won’t get you there.

The challenge facing high achievers is that their game is so much bigger than that of anyone around them. They play at a level at which most people cannot even see how much they are holding back from what is possible. If you coach high achievers at the level of tactics and strategy they’ll eventually get frustrated and quit. If you’re coaching the best on the planet they don’t need your admiration. They don’t need your guidance or advice. They don’t need your ‘help’. (Most would hate that).

And I’ve yet to meet a high achiever who didn’t want something more, something deeper. I’ve yet to meet a high achiever who didn’t want to make a greater impact, leave a more lasting legacy or make a bigger contribution.

If you’re coaching the best on the planet don’t buy into their story of success. Shake up their thinking. Challenge the way they see their world. Say the things that no one else would dare to say.


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