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The Success-Insecurity Paradox: why high-achieving clients need you more than you think…

Do you work with highly successful clients? Do you want to?

Then you need to understand the minds of successful, ambitious, driven people.

The Success-Insecurity Paradox

Successful people often find themselves trapped in a self-reinforcing cycle where insecurity fuels their pursuit of success, but achieving success only intensifies feelings of self-doubt or fear of failure. This drives them to constantly strive for even greater accomplishments, creating a never-ending loop of striving and dissatisfaction.

A Real-Life Example

Recently, a former client reached out to me, questioning whether my new program, The 100K Club, could support them. This individual has an impressive background:

  • PhD in medical science
  • Former consultant at a top accounting firm
  • 10+ years delivering multi-million dollar transformation programs
  • Teaches at a world-class business school
  • Contributes to government-level conversations in their country


Despite these remarkable achievements, they confessed, “I feel like an imposter. It’s like everyone but me sees it. I need to believe it!’

If you work with highly successful clients you will hear secret thoughts like this on a regular basis.

The Power of a Simple Question

I asked them, “How can I help?” [Never underestimate the power of this question]. 

They told me they have 5 specific desires – to:

  1. Form a powerful vision – for the future they want
  2. Make real, actionable change
  3. Increase confidence to go for what they truly want
  4. Create consistent income from coaching
  5. Attract more high-caliber clients – specifically senior corporate leaders

I could definitely help them. I have spent the past twenty years helping clients to fly. But I never tell a client that I can guarantee they can get what they want. They need to make the decision to work with me on their own. 

So, I sent them a video reply. 

I told them that I understood what they were going through, as I had felt powerless for much of my life (despite my success). To this day, whenever I accomplish something big, I celebrate for about 27 seconds before wondering why I hadn’t dreamed bigger, or I immediately start thinking of my next goal to achieve… (Can you relate?) 

  1. I explained that The 100K Club has a ton of resources to support their learning – from videos to PDFs that will teach everything you need to know about The Prosperous Coach Approach.
  2. I explained that as a member of The 100K Club, they have my coaching support, in a group setting. However, my coaching has to be earned. And it’s earned by doing the work, by making mistakes, and by collecting NOs. Yep: you can only be assured of my support by doing the things that scare you!  


Well, if you want to be more successful, failure, mistakes, and embarrassment are inevitable. 

So, I have created The 100K Club as a brave space, for you to fail, make mistakes, and be embarrassed!

After all, everything you want is on the other side of your comfort zone, or the other side of an uncomfortable conversation… 

Twenty four hours later, I received a reply: “I’M IN! I’m ready to do the work to create a prosperous business. Can’t wait to get started.”

The 100K Club is the only program designed specifically for coaches who want to work with truly high-achieving clients. If you are ready to take your coaching business to the next level, I invite you to join me. With limited spots available and the price increasing soon, now is the time to take action. Click here to reserve your spot and start your journey to coaching mastery today!

Love. Rich


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