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The “I know I’m successful when…” list

If you don’t take time to define what success means to you, your success will define you. And you may not be very happy with the result. 

As Tony Robbins says, “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.”

Success isn’t about how much money you make, how famous you are, or the number of rooms in your house. Success isn’t about the size of your email list, how many people follow you on social media, or how much your revenue increased last year. 

The key to success is to define success for yourself. 

One of the best tools I’ve come across for this is my friend Dean Jackson’s, “I Know I’m Successful When…” list.

Help your clients define what true success is for themselves. And do the same for yourself. 

I update my list at least once a year. Here’s the current version:

I Know I’m Successful When…    

  1. My life is simple, effortless and fun. 
  2. I am stronger, fitter and healthier each year than the year before. 
  3. I have quality time to nurture my spirit.  
  4. I have quality time for my relationships and my family. 
  5. I spend time with great friends. 
  6. I regularly do things that excite me and/or scare me.
  7. Our business creates more freedom for me and my family every day. 
  8. Each year 100% of my clients are the caliber of the top 20% of my clients from the year before. 
  9. Our passive revenue exceeds our lifestyle desires. 
  10. We make a bigger impact and contribution each year than the year before.

Love. Rich 


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