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Success on Your Own Terms: The ‘I’m Successful When’ List

Last week, I wrote about the hidden pitfalls of success

It’s eye-opening how often we chase someone else’s definition of success, only to find ourselves feeling deeply unfulfilled. 

Today, let’s redefine success on our terms.

True success is like a custom suit – it fits you and only you perfectly. 

It’s time to ask yourself: 

  • What does success mean to me, stripped of the expectations of my family, my friends, or society? 
  • What does success mean to me if it does not involve any external accolades or acknowledgement?

Here’s a photo modeling what true success means to me. I just flew my family from California to London for four days, in order to celebrate my aunt’s 90th birthday.

The ‘I’m Successful When’ List

My friend Dean Jackson taught me a powerful tool that I have used to help dozens of my private clients.

Here’s my personal ‘I’m Successful When’ List. It’s based on what I value deeply: health, relationships, growth, freedom, impact, and extraordinary clients.

I’m Successful When…

  1. I am stronger, fitter and healthier each year than the year before. 
  2. I have more and more quality time for myself as well as with Monique, my family, and my friends. 
  3. I do work that excites me and scares me. A little scary is good. 
  4. I optimize for ease and impact.  
  5. I can wake up every day and ask: “What would I like to do today?”
  6. My passive revenue exceeds my lifestyle desires
  7. My team and I make a bigger impact and contribution each year than the year before
  8. I can quit any project at any time.
  9. I can stop working for several weeks with no effect on my income.
  10. Each year my clients surpass the caliber of the top 20% from the year before. 

Creating Your ‘I’m Successful When’ List…

Now it’s your turn. 

Reflect on your values and dreams. 

What makes you come alive? 

Forget the noise and focus on what success means in the silence of your heart. 

Write it down. Make it real.

Balance is key. Your success criteria should touch various life facets – work, health, relationships, personal growth. And remember, it’s okay to adjust these as you evolve. Stagnation is not success.

Track and adjust. Regularly revisit your criteria. Are they still serving you? Are they still aligned with who you are and who you’re becoming? Adapt your list as necessary.

Defining success on your own terms is empowering. It’s about crafting a life that’s authentically yours. 

Start today. Redefine what success means to you, and watch your world transform.

Let’s inspire each other to live life on our own terms.

Love. Rich



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