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If Success is your Destination, Failure is your Path

Success and Failure Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.This past weekend 50 coaches from around the globe arrived in Los Angeles for The Prosperous Coach Intensive. We were joined by coaches from Canada, England, Norway, Ireland and from across the United States.

Just before lunch on the first day, I gave the coaches a big challenge. I told them to take two hours for lunch. And in that time they had to collect as many NOs as they could, they had to fail spectacularly and they had to make bold and even outrageous requests.

You could have heard a pin drop when I explained their mission. Mouths gaped open, blood drained from faces and cold sweat began to drip down people’s backs…

Rejection Therapy
But then I showed them a clip from this video of Jia Jiang. He completely reframed his fear of rejection by going full out to get 100 rejections in 100 days: Rejection Guy

And then I asked the coaches to listen very carefully to the mission. I told them I didn’t care if anyone said yes to their request—they simply had to make it. I didn’t care if they succeeded in signing a new client over lunch—in fact, their job was to fail. And I didn’t care how many YESes they got—in fact their mission was to collect NOs

I could feel a sense of fear in the room, so before they left, I played them this clip of a very young Tom Cruise in Risky Business—it’s called, Sometimes you just gotta say, “What the f**k!”

Spectacular Failure
Well, we set a high bar for who we have in the room in our events and these coaches went out and failed SPECTACULARLY! One coach collect 32 NOs over lunch. One man made $3,000,000 in Proposals (remember, I didn’t care whether or not anyone said yes).

In fact, between the rest of the coaches, we made a total of over $4,000,000 in proposals—just over a lunch break.

And the coaches really got it. What almost every coach experienced was that you don’t die and the world doesn’t stop when you lean out of your comfort zone.

Lean into your comfort zone and your comfort zone expands
And in the three days since the Intensive completed, something strange began to happen: I had a coach message me to tell me he signed his first $100,000 client. Someone else signed her first $10,000 client. Another coach was paid $1,000 for a single coaching session. One coach fired three less-then-dream-clients and experienced a sense of total relief that she didn’t ‘need’ a client. One new coach signed a client for 3 months—the longest agreement she’d ever created.

One coach messaged me how tough things had felt when a CEO client had cancelled their coaching session. But she contacted me again later that same day to say that he’d called her and she’d had a really powerful conversation with him. He is now paying for the cancelled sessions and finding a way to create even more commitment from his staff, due to her coaching.

If you want more success—fail more.
If you want more YESes—seek more NOs.
If you want more extraordinary results—make more extraordinary requests.

As Julien Smith says, Those who don’t give a f**k change the world. The rest do not.

Tell me how have you failed or screwed up in the past 30 days? How many NOs have you collected? What’s the next extraordinary request you will make?

Here’s how the amazing coach and artist, Allison Crow captured a little of what we got up to last weekend:

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