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Superhero questions

World-class coaches and trusted advisors have 3 secret missions:

  1. Hone your unique talents until you seem like a Superhero to your clients. 
  2. Get clearer and clearer on who you want to be a Superhero to. 
  3. Surround yourself with Superheroes. 

Here are 10 questions that will help you uplevel your superhero status…

  1. What’s your Superhero talent? (1-3 things that energize you and fascinate you. And that you do better than almost anyone on the planet) 
  2. What’s your Kryptonite? (What drains you of energy? Even if you think you ‘should’ be doing it). 
  3. How do you turn people into Superheroes? (What are the top 1-3 transformations that occur when people work with you?)
  4. What are 3 of your Superhero client transformation stories?
  5. Who are your Superheroes? (Who are the 5 people that inspire you the most? Living or dead. What is the quality in each of them that you admire the most? How do you embody those qualities?)
  6. Who do you want to be a Superhero to? (Who are the top 10% of your clients? What would life be like—in 12 months—if all of your clients were the caliber of these clients?)
  7. Who’s on your support team? (Batman has Alfred. Iron Man (Tony Stark) has JARVIS, an AI system that runs Stark Industries. Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds has Parker). 
  8. Who’s got your back? (Black Panther has Nakia, Okoye and Ayo). 
  9. What’s your Superhero backstory? (Wonder Woman was a Princess who grew up on the island nation of Themyscira).
  10. Where’s your Superhero community? (Like the Fantastic Four or The Avengers or 4PC).

Love. Rich 


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The Pygmalion Effect is based on the idea that we perform better when someone has high expectations of us. It’s a powerful secret weapon that we can use to nudge others towards success.

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