How to Coach a Superhero – the 4PC edition

March 7 – May 23rd, 2023

Witness the Secrets of High-Performance Coaching & Get a Behind-Closed-Doors Look as Rich Transforms 5 Top Performers

Say goodbye to gimmicks, SEO, or social media and learn the proven Prosperous Coach Approach to creating dream clients for life – one conversation at a time.

Have you ever felt intimidated by the idea of coaching truly top performers?

You don’t have to be anymore…

Highly successful people need your support more than you think—and more than they know.

If you don’t yet coach people significantly smarter, wealthier and more successful than you, it’s time to up your game. And if you do, it’s time to truly provoke their thinking.

Highly successful people struggle constantly with fears, doubts and insecurities. You see, the more successful you become, the more you have to lose. The bigger the mission you’re on, the larger the problems you face. And the more influential and in the limelight you become the less likely you have anyone willing to truly challenge you.

Top performers love having a coach who can meet them as a peer and provoke their thinking. And that coach can be you…

I’ve spent the past decade training the most extraordinary coaches on the planet to coach high-level leaders and entrepreneurs. Now I’m letting you into our secrets…

  • Discover the secrets of high-performance coaching.
  • Gain the confidence to transform talented, driven, successful people.
  • Learn how to show up as a peer of ultra-successful people.
  • Watch me coach leaders with a track record of success behind them and a massive vision ahead of them.


How to Coach a Superhero

There’s a reason How to Coach a Superhero has been one of my most popular programs over the past three years.

During 6 live session, you’ll learn how to coach elite top performers, with a front row seat to see me mentoring and coaching some of the most successful coaches from my 4PC community.

You will see how I draw out my clients’ stories because success leaves clues. And you’ll see how I coach talented, driven, ambitious people, to play an even bigger game.

I’ll be demonstrating Group Coaching, to model for you how to create and deliver powerful group coaching programs of your own. You’ll increase your impact and help more people. Group coaching is lower cost and less intimidating, providing you with the opportunity to increase your revenue. Your reputation as a skilled coach will grow, leading to increased demand for your services.

So let me ask you something?

How much do you want your next client to invest in you… $1,000, $5,000, $12,000?

Then find a way to give them $1,000, $5,000, or $12,000 of value before they ever become a client.

You’ll learn how to do just that when you join me on How to Coach a Superhero.

Stories from How to Coach A Superhero Participants

Danielle LoDuca

Trusted Advisor and Coach for Female Leaders

“Helped me believe I can coach superheroes. ❤️”

“One of my most significant insights was that I often feel responsible for other people’s well-being, and I realized how trusting they can handle it is a service to them and myself. It was, of course, also amazing to connect and get to know some incredibly successful and amazing individuals and just how human and relatable they are. It helped me believe I could coach superheroes.

I liked allowing myself to be coached as others were coached, being a fly on the wall, and observing powerful coaching and the results of it, and I loved getting called on and getting coached myself!

Superheroes are unique and relatable, so that I can coach a superhero. As a result, I gained the confidence to coach impressive, inspiring people.

Rich is an amazing person and an incredible coach. His work goes beyond thought leadership and will undoubtedly impact the world forever, more deeply than he can imagine.

You’ll surely miss out if you don’t do it!”

Carly Ferguson
Human Potential Coach & Consultant | Leadership, Career Transformation & Team Dynamics | Specialising in Human Design
“Coaching a group isn’t that scary and can be just as powerful if not more as 1:1.”

“My biggest insight was that coaching a group isn’t that scary and can be just as powerful if not more as 1:1. I liked being in a community and hearing from people who are ahead of where I am right now, showing me what is possible and that they have the same challenges. I loved Rich’s vulnerability and showing behind the scenes of his process. I gained a lot of practical advice that I can put into practice straight away and had opportunities to have my questions answered by Rich or be coached on.

Since doing the programme I’ve started to coach my first group after realising that it wasn’t so different to 1:1. It really helped watching Rich do this in real time to realise that it wasn’t so scary and that I had the skill set to do this. I’ve just expanded the work I’m doing with a long time CEO he has asked me to work with 2 other leaders in the business and one of their teams using human design and my coaching.

There are many layers to Rich’s programmes. Not only are you being coached, but you’re learning powerful coaching skills and priceless practical advice on how to grow your coaching business. It’s a no brainer. Every time I go back to the recordings I hear something new that I need to hear in that moment. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Since taking part in Rich’s programmes I’ve started my first group coaching programme, noticeably up-levelled my coaching skills and expanded a client beyond the original scope of our work together.”

Carly Ferguson

Human Potential Coach & Consultant | Leadership, Career Transformation & Team Dynamics | Specialising in Human Design

Steven Schultze

Certified Professional Coach

“I developed and put out there my own plan for a group coaching program to start in June.”

“I used to be very narrowly focused on what my coaching plan was and what my offerings would be. As I went through How to Coach a Superhero, I recognized there is no reason I could not run a group program. Going with this thought, I developed and put out there my own plan for a group coaching program to start in June.

Gaining new clarity around the things I need to do each time I listened to a call. I recognize I am at the point I am supposed to be while also understanding I am the only one holding myself back from achieving what I desire.

I love the fact that I get to listen to the recordings as many times as needed, and each time I learn something new to put into practice. It made me realise that I own the outcome and only I can make the shifts to get to where I desire.

You are not the individual in the hot seat being coached, but you will still find yourself answering the questions as if being coached and then learning more about yourself to move forward. You will also learn more techniques to add to your coaching skills when listening as a coach.

My thoughts have shifted and I recognized the value I bring to others when we engage in a coaching conversation.

What you will learn

I have taught many of the most unique, exclusive and successful coaches on the planet. If you commit to the long haul, you can master this approach, too.

During the 6 Live Coaching Session you will:

This is NOT a ‘passive’ program. You will need to actively apply these skills with your own clients.

The 6 Live calls will take place on the following dates:

  • Kickoff Call #1: March 7th, 11-12:30pm PST
  • Call #2: March 14th, 11-12:30pm PST
  • Call #3: April 11th, 11-12:30pm PST
  • Call #4: April 25th, 11-12:30pm PST
  • Call #5: May 9th, 11-12:30pm PST
  • Final Call #6: May 23rd, 11-12:30pm PST

Join Now How to Coach a Superhero

Witness the Secrets of High-Performance Coaching & Get a Behind-Closed-Doors Look as Rich Transforms 5 Top Performers

What you get when you join:

How to Coach a Superhero is a unique way to witness Rich’s coaching at a very unique price point. Project Kairos, which is flagship program for creating clients is $20,000. One on one coaching with Rich ranges from $100,000 – $185,000.

Enrolment is Currently Closed

Next Cohort of the Superhero Program will open later this year. Join the wait list to be informed when we open enrolments again.

More Stories from How to Coach A Superhero Participants

“I doubled my income and got better at creating clients…”

“I like watching and listening to a master coach who is several steps ahead of me. Just spending time in that context helps me grow.
I have found a lot of marketing guru’s who will give all kinds of advice and some has been useful for me.
But, my business didn’t really start to take off until I started applying Rich’s teaching. Since then, I have doubled my income and gotten better at creating clients. I am confident about where my business is going because I am building the skills for enrolling clients and seeing results.
My skills as a coach grow from watching Rich coach. “

Leah Zimmerman
Family Conflict Expert, CEPA

“As Rich coached me, I felt seen and I let go of old patterns… “

“I loved sharing the intimacy of our group with the larger group. The biggest benefit for me was that I felt seen and I let go of an old patterns. Letting go of your inner limitation in a caring environment frees up your own voice to be expressed- so the growth occurs organically.”

Sophie Chiche Founder and CEO at

“You will gain so many insights for yourself that it will blow your mind…”

“My biggest learning was the idea of “Slow down to speed up” and how to set impossible goals.
How to coach a superhero was very insightful both for me being coached by Rich as he asked the questions, and to see how other people at the top of their game also could continue to have insights.
Due to the program I gained courage to step into deeper coaching and also create programes I have been holding back on.
You gained incredible value for money and so many insights for yourself that it will blow your mind.

Best money I’ve spent in a very long time. “ Joanne Morley
Growth Marketing | CMO | Marketing Director | Strategic Marketing and Leadership

“Superheros struggle with the same thoughts and concerns I do.”

My biggest insight was that these “superheros” struggle with the same thoughts and concerns I do and that transformation lies in the listening, not the speaking.
I loved that shows how being in a conversation is what provokes insight, transformation, or a new possibility.
I loved this program and all the programs I have joined so far. I always get this feeling of put me in coach, and I leave with new juice.”

Patty Ivey
Visionary Entrepreneur + Founder Down Dog Yoga Studios

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