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Allison Crow

Allison Crow

“This program is helping me to be one of the best, most impact-full, and prosperous coaches in the world — I am doing it all while still being me — and I just signed my first $40,000 client.

Before the Salon, my business was in a transitional lull. I was bored and uninspired. Easy and boring clients were falling off my roster.

Within a month of our group starting, I’d proposed $50K of coaching and closed $20K — more than enough to cover my fee — even before we really got going. Oh…and these new clients, and the ones still on my roster are INSPIRING. ONLY INSPIRING from now on.

In the world of coaches, there are so many fish in the sea — and it was difficult to find the top-of-the-line coaches who inspire me, who are better than me, who I really need to help sharpen my own skills. In the Prosperous Coach Salon, I always feel pushed to the edge of my talent — and I know I am getting better.

The depths and details of the communication from Rich and between the group members — especially the reports and emails in between sessions — is so impactful. Getting beyond theory and into the fine details of client creation and communication has been eye-opening — even for a seasoned coach like myself. “

Transforming world-class leaders into world-class coaches.
That’s what we do.

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