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Amir Karkouti

Amir Karkouti

“Having been in the NLP, Hypnosis, Change work industry for over 15 years; this intensive is absolutely nothing like any of the other seminars. Rich didn’t give us information on how to do it…he demonstrated right in front of us and the power alone was enough for me to “get it” and apply it immediately. The enrollment process has become fun and easy and I look forward to waking up and having powerful conversations without awkwardly trying to get money from people. The shift for me was that it doesn’t matter what I say. I don’t need a script. I don’t need a plan and I don’t have to “set up” before a meeting. I just have to show up. I’ve gotten more clients and more referrals from this process. It may seem counterintuitive; but you quickly realize that this is how it’s supposed to be and Rich demonstrates its effectiveness over and over again throughout the three days.”

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