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Monica Day

Monica Day

“When I first reached out to you, I felt like I had reached the maximum number of coaching clients I could handle, but I was making the minimum amount of money I could live on — and I knew something was wrong. I wasn’t articulating the full scope of what I was actually doing — and I certainly wasn’t charging for it.

When I started I had one cookie-cutter approach to clients. Everyone got the same deal in terms of time, cost, etc. Through the exposure to 5 other coaches, and having the laser focus on my practice that the Salon offers, I’m developing new ways of working with people. In just the first six weeks of the Salon, I’ve created a new group coaching program, filled it halfway, started writing individual proposals for new potential clients that are tailored specifically to them, and generated a completely new calendar of events for the next 12 months.

Gradually, through the assignments you’ve given me, I am starting to see myself as more powerful and less inadequate than I did when I started the Salon. It is possible that, ultimately, seeing myself clearly — and allowing others to see me fully — will be the biggest benefit of this program.”

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